Solorio Parking Lot Reminder - It’s Worth the Extra Time


This is a great day to have a parking lot safety reminder. Please remember to follow all driving laws. It is worth the extra time to keep our Solorio Tigers safe.


Ø The Bus Zone is prioritized for school buses (smaller circular entrance at the east side of the parking lot). Please remember we have approximately five buses arriving daily for our special needs students and county students. When this zone is clear of buses, parents of special needs students and corporate daycare vans may use this zone.   You will be asked to move your vehicle if a bus is arriving to our school for the safety of all students.

Ø There is only one green curb in our Bus Zone allowing a driver to leave their vehicle for loading & unloading (i.e. assisting with a wheelchair or other mobility issues).  When buses are not present, this area may be used for students with special needs pick-up/drop-off. Please do not stop by the red curb. Stopping at the red curb in the Bus Zone creates a safety issue and blocks the flow of traffic. 

Ø All other drivers should please use the drop-off/pick-up lane in front of the school. Do not allow students to enter or exit your vehicle unless you are pulled over to the yellow curb. If possible, students should exit from the passenger side of their vehicle.

Ø Do not leave your vehicle unattended and please pull forward to ease traffic congestion. Keep pulling forward as traffic allows until you reach our Multi-purpose room on the North West side of our school.

Ø There is also a student drop-off lane on Walnut Street. However, if you would like to walk your child, please find a parking space.

Ø Police have asked that vehicles do not drop off/pick up students at the red curb in the parking lot. 

Ø The Cafeteria/delivery/trash zone area located on the north side of the Multi-purpose Room is for STAFF use only. 


NO DOGS are allowed ON THE SOLORIO CAMPUS for student safety. This includes in front of the office, MPR, parking lot, etc. 

Please respect and follow the directions of staff on duty. Everyone is working for 100% student safety. If it takes extra time to travel through our parking lot, I believe the extra effort is well worth keeping our children SAFE. Thank you for your continued support.


Dr. Pilgren


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Last Modified: Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016