We are blessed to have Mrs. Tina helping out in the classroom Monday, Wednesday and Friday!  Providing much needed support in the areas of mathematics and language arts, Mrs. Tina is a retired teacher who worked at St. Mary's Elementary in resource.  She is remarkable with the children and will provide additional assistance for struggling students as well as small group instruction.  Big thanks to Mrs. Gannon Briggs for setting this up for our classroom.  

Third grade will begin preparation for Holy Week and Easter Sunday with reconciliation on Tuesday.  

In writer's workshop the concentration has shifted to informational writing skills. Students will be completing and presenting a state report to their classmates in the upcoming weeks.

We conclude our literature book Sarah, Plain and Tall on Friday with an assessment and movie viewing. 

I am very excited about our brand new Social Studies program! We've replaced our outdated books with a new and current resource, California Community Studies Weekly.  Each week, students get a newspaper (which they get to keep) with a new, multifaceted lesson. There a lot of great online resources available as well.  This week the focus is on rights and responsibilities.

Science is back on our afternoon schedule.  Flower power (life cycles, traits and heredity) is the theme for the next 3 weeks.  I've begun implementing a new science program called Mystery Science.  This program incorporates all the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with short video clips, and lots of hands on application.   

Last week we concluded our unit on fractions.  Unit 4 focuses on measurement with elapsed time, liquid measurement, mass and recording data.  Multiplication timed tests will continue.  Most of the students still need a lot of practice memorizing the facts.  Multiplying single digit numbers fluently is a common core standard for 3rd grade.  Please continue to work on this at home with your child.

We continue reading a wonderful children's devotional, Jesus Calling, written by Sarah Young.  There is a bible quote followed by a short passage that is written as if Jesus is speaking to the children.  It really helps make the Word much more accessible and applicable to little ones.  

Our field trip to the Tassajara One Room Schoolhouse is next Monday.  Please see the newly added Field Trip Information page for everything you need to know. We will depart from St. Catherine promptly at 8:15 a.m.

Finally, it's crunch time as we begin the last trimester in school.  In order to cover all the material necessary for third grade, homework will regularly be assigned.  Look for assignments on the homework page.

Have a wonderful week.