Chemistry/ Phy. Science Links

Great Video Tutorials

Visit Brightstorm for some great short and very helpful (hopefully) videos to
help you expand more on what you have read or learned in class

Another great source of videos. They are a little longer and more specific
than bright storm. Great if you REALLY need to be re-taught a subject.
Khan Academy

Maybe a little annoying but hopefully it will get stuck in your head!
Scientific Method Music Video

History of the Periodic Table/ Modern Periodic Table
Chemistry - Chapter 6 Notes

Solutions and Solubility
Phy. Science 8.1 and 8.2

Mole Conversions
Chapter 10

Phy. Science 11.3 Notes

Phy. Science 11.2 Notes

Chapter 12
Phy Science - Newton's Laws

Chapter 12.1
Phy. Science - Force and Motion

Stoichiometry - Chemistry
Chapter 11  - Chem.

Chapter 12.1
Gas Properties - Chemistry

Simple Machines
Phy. Science - Ch 14.4

Mechanical Advantage 
Phy. Science - Chapter 14.3

Gas Laws - Chapter 13

Chemistry - Mixtures and Solutions
Chemistry - Chapter 14.1 

Physical Science - Energy
Chapter 15.2 - Energy Conversions

Physical Science - Energy 
Chapter 15.1 - Energy 

Concentrations of Solutions
Chemistry Chapter 15.2

Solvation and Henry's Law
Chemistry - Chapter 14.3

Thermal Energy and Matter - 16.1
Physical Science - Chapter 16

Other Resources

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