About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Hill

School: Stevenson Ranch Elementary

CLASS: 2nd Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: 661-291-4070

About The Teacher

I was born on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean called Sri Lanka (formerly 
Ceylon).  When I was 6, I traveled with my family to Canada and made that 
chilly but beautiful country my home.  My dad is, of course, Sri Lankan and my 
mother is of Dutch, British, Portuguese descent.  So, I am a teacher of many 
nationalities! I consider myself Canadian as I spent most of my life there.  
However, I recently became an American citizen, and so also consider 
California my new home.  Happily, I am both an American and Canadian citizen now! 

I recently moved to Woodland Hills (Topanga and Mulholland area) from West Hollywood. I love my 
neighborhood because I can get to the beach in only 20 minutes! 

I went to the University of Toronto where I studied English literature and 
Philosophy, and later Education. I spent a year in the fascinating country of 
Japan where I met such warm and interesting people and was privileged to be 
part of a lovely culture. I have also traveled to China, Italy, England, Scotland, France, and
the Netherlands, and hope to travel more throughout my life. Traveling opens 
your heart and mind to such wonderful cultures, new ideas, food, and wonderful people.

Besides travelling, I love to stay active by hiking  through our 
beautiful Santa Monica Mountains ( I have a trail 5 minutes from our home), 
yoga and  pilates.  Creating in the kitchen and hosting dinner 
parties for friends is also a favorite past time of mine.  I am always 
looking for interesting and healthy recipes to try on my willing husband and 
friends. I love food from all over the world and I am especially fond of 
spicy dishes.  I also enjoy reading immensely as well as watching films and 
writing.  I am currently working on a children's chapter book.  As you can see I am never bored!

My wonderful husband, Alex, is from 
England and works for a fashion designer in Ventura who designs surf and motorcycle clothing, 
proudly made in California. We have two adorable cats 
named Simon and Caillou, whom we adopted from a shelter when they were 
kittens.  We recently also rescued a dog named Dempsey who is  loving and sweet. Our backyard has a 
pond with 3 turtles as well.  You can call us Drs. Doolittle!  

As you can see, I love life.  Hopefully, I bring this enthusiasm, wonder,and 
positivity into the classroom.  

You will have a wonderful year.


Mrs. Hill