Welcome Letter/Class Procedures

Welcome to R-9

Mrs. Cindy Heikes

8th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies




Welcome to Language Arts and Social Studies. Below are some of the guidelines and procedures for my classroom.  If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail, phone, or pride planner.


Language Arts
:                          Social Studies

Study Sync /Literature                  Discovering America

Writing                                          Thirteen Colonies

Grammar/Vocabulary                      U.S. Constitution

Accelerated Reader                       Manifest Destiny

(Library visits every 3 weeks)        Civil War



Etiwanda School District has established the following categories for 8th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies.

Homework                      10%

Class work                      20%

Quizzes/Projects           30%

Tests                              40%







Classroom progress grades will be sent home. They will also be posted in the classroom and will be available on-line through AERIES / parent portal.  Please see the district website to sign up:

1. http://www.etiwanda.k12.ca.us

2. Click on the main menu; Parent portal in the bottom right corner.


Failing Test Grades

Students will be given an opportunity to raise a failing test grade (not quiz grades) to a 70%.  
This must be completed in the specified time frame and will require a parent signature. Corrections are due the following Tuesday.
However, during 3rd Trimester this will no longer be an option. We must get ready for High School. 


Late Work

As a guideline late work is not accepted for  full credit. Unless a Mrs. H pass is attached.
Trimesters one and two, students may turn in homework the next day for half credit.
Trimester three late work will not be accepted for credit. (getting ready for high school)
There are times and circumstances that occasionally late work may be accepted, but this is the exception.


Extra Credit

One each per class, per trimester.

Language Arts: formal letter

Social Studies: current event

Please see www.teacherweb.com for explanations.

Student Responsibilities


 *Accelerated Reader Tests every month.

 *Copy your homework in your Pride Planner.

 *Complete and turn in all work ON TIME.

 *NO LATE work accepted for credit. However please turn into erase a missing assignment.

*Absent work should be completed and turned in ASAP.

 *Raise those Grades! Correct tests and have your parents sign your test to receive a 70%.

 *Extra Credit!

 *Check grades on AERIES / Parent Portal.

 *Teacherweb.com – check homework.




The basic guidelines are:

  • Bring all books and materials to class.
  • Sit in your assigned seat.
  • Show respect for self and others.
  • Follow school and classroom procedures and rules.

 Accelerted Reader
     Students are responsible in reading a novel at their reading level and complete 20 A/R points each trimester.
       (TEN points are due every six weeks- prior to a progress report or a report card)

Special Needs

Please contact me regarding any special needs your child may have (health, learning, social, etc.).



Parent Homework

 Parents for tonight’s homework please log on to Teacher web and join 'NEWS FLASH"
Also, if you could please send me an email (see above) Please send it from the email address that you would like me to contact you in the future. Please put your child’s name in the subject box/along with Homeroom or Switch please. You don’t have to write anything else!



I am looking forward to a successful year with another great group of SUMMIT SHARK STUDENTS!
Mrs. Cindy Heikes


Teacher Web

Daily assignments are posted on teacher web.



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