Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions
of students and parents.
  1. What are my GRADES?
  2. How can I get a hold of Mrs. Heikes?
  3. Can I turn in late work?
  4. What if I am absent?

What are my GRADES?

Grades are accessible ONLINE. Please make an account (via district website,
link AERIES / parent portal) so that you may see your progress and individual

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How can I get a hold of Mrs. Heikes?

You may call and leave me a message at 909 899 1704.
You may also email me at
The pride planner is also a tool we can use to communicate.
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Can I turn in late work?

Late work / missing work may be turned in for no credit.
Only work turned in on time will be given credit.
Projects / essays may be turned in late up to 5 days late, however each day late will be given -10%.
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What if I am absent?

Please call a friend, look on teacher web and call the office so that I can
send work up to the office for your parent to collect.
Etiwanda's district policy allows you as many days as you were absent to
complete the absent work. After that the assignments will be marked missing.
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