HOMEROOM ONLY: Confirmation slips for parent conferences were sent home with 
your student today! Please ask or check in their backpacks.

Any Missing -Late- and Absent work needs to be placed in the LATE BOX near 
my desk. Please make sure your name is on it and class period. Also, 
ConnectED work that is completed late -please email me or write a note in 
the Late box, so that I am aware and can change the grade.  Scores will be 
entered in the Gradebook within a week of being turned in late. Thank you.

  The GRADE BOOK is  online Parent Portal(AERIES), and is accessible.  
    Please visit the Districts website and click on the Parent Portal link
    to begin the process.
       This will be the only way you and your child will be able to see a 
complete report of each assignment.