Accelerated Reader

Every student needs to have a reading book or reading device (a permission 
slip must be signed by a parent). In addition to 
reading literature stories and novels in class, students are required to read 
on their own.  

Eighth graders are required to read a minimum of 800 pages per 
trimester.  Our students will be required to take part in the Accelerated 
Reader program offered through our campus library.  This program is designed 
to improve reading comprehension.  Books for this program are noted in the 
library and will take the place of the monthly book report. 

Our class goes to the library every 3 weeks. The students are required to 
accumulate 20 points by the end of each trimester. An AR grade will be 
recorded at the end of each six week grading period. A list of Accelerated 
Reading books is available on the link below.