Supply List

Suggested Supply List

1.  Silent Reading Book
2.  a spiral notebook for Social Studies notes (single subject 
3.  a spiral notebook for Language Arts notes (single subject 
4.  blue and black pens
5.  red pens to correct (or any other fun color-pink/orange/green 
6.  A pee chee/folder for each subject to place handouts/homework, 

The following items are just ideas to help you organize yourself.
7.  Three - Ring Binder or more spiral notebooks
8.  Subject Dividers for a 3 ring binder
9.  Lined paper - No fringes please

The next items are for Enrichment assignments
10.  Colored Pencils/markers/crayons
11.  Highlighters (annotation)

This is a suggested supply list. 
Purchase of these items is voluntary. 
Many parents have requested a list of what supplies would 
be appropriate for each grade level. 
I hope this will be of some assistance.

"Organization is key in 8th grade. Our students are provided with 
the materials they need for instruction, but many parents and 
students find it helpful to purchase folders and binders to 
organize those materials for class. It is not necessary to 
purchase the additional items, but in the past, the items above 
have been helpful for students in 8th grade."


Tissue / Kleenex
Air Freshners
Cleaning Wipes (ie. clorox wipes/lysol wipes)