Mr. Staub, Physical Education

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Expectations of Students
>To treat teachers and other students with respect. Swearing at or taunting 
other students is not acceptable. Directed swearing will result in an 
automatic detention and/or suspension.
>To be to class on time. Students must be dressed and seated on their roll 
call numbers at or before the tardy bell.
>To be prepared for activity. This includes proper dress for class.
>When the teachers are talking, you need to be listening. Making noise or 
playing around with the equipment when the teacher is talking is subject to 
removal from the class and loss of points.
>To promote a safe environment in physical education. Horseplay is strictly 
>Always work to 100% of your ability.
Please make sure that you dress out. Participate with enthusiasm. 
Success will surely follow!h
Thank you,
Coach Staub

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