The Three-Ring Binder
A Student’s Best Friend

I would love to have all my students bring in a three-ring binder. Although I 
can’t mandate it, I believe it is the best, most flexible tool for students 
to organize materials, keep track of homework and other important 
information. With a three-ring binder, materials can be added in the proper 
order, or removed when no longer necessary. The binder should be large enough 
to hold loose materials in a pouch, to contain all subject areas by dividers 
and to store extra paper. Narrow notebooks are unacceptable.

Successful students attend class with the proper materials- covered 
textbooks, binder, pen, pencil, paper, and homework. Paper folders will only 
perpetuate disorganization.

Studies have discovered that students who use a three-ring binder had 
consistently better grades and spent less time studying (used time more 
effectively). An assignment notebook called the “Summit PRIDE Planner” will 
be provided for each student. 

Again, this is a suggested supply list. Purchase of these items is voluntary 
Checklist for the well-stocked, three-ring binder:

Suggested items:
•	Large, 3 inch, three-ring binder 
•	Pen/pencil pouch
•	Hole punch (optional)
•	Highlighters (green, yellow, pink)
•	Blue or black, green and red pens 
•	 #2 Pencils and erasers
•	Black dry erase marker (Expo Marker)
•	Pencil sharpener (with shavings holder)
•	“Summit PRIDE Planner” (to be provided by the school)
•	Notebook paper
•	4, 2-pocket folders (make sure they are 3 hole punched)
•	5 Subject divider sheets
•	25 sheet protectors (optional)
•	Sticky notes
•	Scissors (Fiskars student scissors)
•	Color markers and color pencils 

The last four listed items may be kept at home and brought to school when 
needed if backpack is too heavy.             Mrs. Duffy