***** Hello M3 families!  
Since changes will be beginning with TeacherWeb, all homework will be posted through the DOJO app, under "class story," as well as, a Google doc you can access here: https://docs.google.com/a/etiwanda.org/document/d/1rpiZj6lklvye8RC5aFwTncuuVqzFRdwLP9UQpbk33mQ/edit?usp=sharing

 You can also find your student's homework written in his/her PRIDE planner every Monday for the entire week.  If changes are made during the week, I will ask students to make the changes in their planners for that night.  Thank you! ******
***** If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email at ericka_mackinlay@etiwanda.org

ConnectEd log in information
search www.etiwanda.org/chromebooks
It will ask you to be signed into an admin.google.com account, click add account
Log in with @etiwanda email account, click next
enter etiwanda password, click next
Quick links should pop up, click on ConnectEd link
Clever should bring you to several Google apps, scroll to the bottom of the page to ConnectEd
Click on the box with an arrow in the upper right corner
This should bring your student to the prompts for StudySync