About Ms. Griffin

Yep, I am a person! :)
      Welcome to Summit Intermediate! I have been teaching for 19 years, and
love my job and my students. I graduated from Washington State University
with my BA in American History.  Later, I got a credential and Masters from
Chapman University, and then because I love learning, I earned a Masters in
English Literature from Cal Baptist University.  Students are very important to me,
and I take my job very seriously. I tend to expect a lot from my students. Hopefully, my
former students would say I give a lot as well.
      I have four children. Rebekah is twenty and beginning her third year
of college in Minnesota at Macalester College. She is an excellent
student who loves to read and will travel to Spain in the spring for her Study abroad.
Elizabeth is seventeen and starting her Senior year at Etiwanda High School. Lizzie
loves to run, love fashion and sewing as 
well as spending time with her friends,
and now driving. Samuel is fourteen, 
and is beginning his first year in high school. He
feels most comfortable with a 
baseball in his hand. He also loves to hang with his friends, play all sports, wakeboard, skate and RUN.  Josiah is eleven years old. He is in sixth grade, and he is starting here
at Summit; he is so excited! He is learning the ropes from all his siblings. He reads, plays baseball, 
and he is an excellent dramatic actor!
      I enjoy the beach, doing anything on, in, or near the water, playing
games, and reading. John Green is currently my favorite author, but I love all
books! I love to travel and take students on an East Coast trip every other
year!! I love the Boston Red Sox, Starbucks, and Del Taco. I enjoy exercise,
particularly running. I ran the LA Marathon in 2002 and in
2005. I ran the San Diego Marathon in 08.  I just enjoy staying active!

Class Mission
      My personal mission is to make your eighth grade year memorable and
valuable. I don't believe in wasting time. I think that learning is a gift
that we sometimes take for granted. I desire to motivate and encourage my
students each day. California State Standards will guide our learning, and
we will interact with those pieces of information in new and innovative ways
as often as possible. We will be implementing Common Core Curriculum for the
upcoming year!
      In Language Arts, I want to encourage a love and
passion words, for reading and writing. The written word is still viable and very
powerful!! I hope students catch on to the passion for words that I have! I
absolutely love American history, and it is one of the reasons I am glad to
return to 8th grade. We will do a ton of activities to help understand our
nation's history and the government.