Einstein Activities - AKA Extended Learning - AKA Extra Credit Options

Einstein Optional Activities (Extra Credit)
Be sure to cite your sources!
  • Choose a book that you read recently and create a PLOT diagram of that book!
    Label rising action, climax, and resolution clearly.
  • Watch ANY discovery channel or history channel documentary about American
    History or government, and write ONE PAGE summary of what you learned!
  • Write a Creative Short Story that includes a conflict, characters, rising
  • action, climax, and a resolution.
  • Create a Book "Review" for the last book you read! You want to "Sell" your
    book to classmates so use persuasive language! Be sure to include character
    descriptions, rising action, and climax! Don't give away any secrets!
  • Watch a ¨Suspense¨ Film - Analyze the techniques used to create suspense - 1
  • page analysis.

    LOOK UP - current politicians that represent you....Congressman, Senators, Justices of Supreme Court, President, VP, Cabinet...that is being chosen now!