Homework Policy

Homework is an extension of work we do in class, and I consider it important. I give homework because it is useful in reinforcing what has been learned in class, preparing students for upcoming lessons, teaching responsibility and helping students to develop positive study habits.

In my class students can expect to have homework every night. I do give homework on Fridays occasionally. If the homework is taking your student longer than two hours a night, except with special projects, please let me know. Any night that there is no assigned homework I expect the students to read for at least thirty minutes. This is an excellent habit to get into now!

All homework will be checked, and when homework is finished I will provide praise and other incentives as further motivation. If homework is NOT completed on a regular basis, I will request that parents begin signing the pride planner each night. If students choose not to do homework, it will be apparent in your student’s progress report. Students will be regularly informed about their grade, and grade slips go home to be signed every three weeks. Please do not ask for permission to have students make up missing assignments. I will not allow assignments to be made up unless your student is absent.

Large assignments and projects will be accepted LATE, however each day they’re late the possible grade goes down an entire grade. Daily assignments will not be accepted late at all. It is too difficult to keep track of late assignments, particularly because we go over homework the day after it is assigned.

I ask that you make homework a priority at home. Please provide a quiet place with no television, a set daily time, and lots of praise.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Dai Griffin