Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

Please check this site for homework assignments and occasional special notices. I will only assign homework if I believe the students can work on it independently.  I spend a great deal of time in class going over examples of the math concepts.  We use calculators on most assignments so they can master the general concept and method.  Please feel free to have your student work on basic math facts whenever possible. Children learn best when given real situations in which to use these skills, so take them shopping with you.  Give them a phone calculator, and have them figure out the bill.  Ask them to make up a math problem and you can both work to figure it out.  Everyone needs to practice their math skills, right?!

8/7 - 8/24: Both grades have finished their work in class.
8/28/17:  7th - Ch. 4-1 Skills Practice - Changing Fractions into Decimals - most finished in class
                8th - Integer Addition (ID6)
8/29/17:  7th - AWESOME job today in class = No Homework
                8th - Integer Addition (ID7)

9/12/17: 7th - Comparing Fractions using calculator w/s (CC1)  #1-10 only
               8th - Integer Subtraction w/s (ID 8)
9/12/17: 7th - Comparing Fractions no calculator needed - same numerator or same denominator w/s (CC1) #1-20 ALL
              8th - Integer Subtraction w/s (ID 9)

9/25/17:  7th - Finding Least Common Multiple (CC1)
                8th - Compute with Scientific Notation - (Extra Practice)
9/26/17:  7th - Math - None - Science Quiz on Thursday
                8th - Scientific Notation - Multiply
9/27/17:   7th - Math - Finding Least Common Multiples (CC2)
                        Science Ch. 4-3 Quiz tomorrow 
                8th - Multiply with Scientific Notation (ID3)