About the Teacher

NAME: Katherine Weitzel

SCHOOL: Summit Intermediate School

CLASS: 7th & 8th Grade Math & Science

SCHOOL PHONE: 909-899-1704

Mrs. Weitzel

Welcome to my classroom. Here are some basic facts you may want to know 
about me. I have been teaching in the Etiwanda School District since 2004. I 
received my Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics from Pitzer College 
in Claremont. I received my teaching credentials, both Multiple Subject 
and Special Education from Cal Poly Pomona. I truly love my work, and look 
forward to getting to know and work with all of my students at Summit.

Our students show the most growth when parents and teachers work together 
to help guide them. Please keep track of your student's completed work and 
grades by checking AERIES every week. Students are graded on effort in my 
classes, and given maximum support to help learn grade level concepts.  They 
are allowed to use calculators on everything unless I am assessing their 
basic arithmetic skills. Please help them to use math in their everyday life 
- take them shopping and ask them to figure out their bill and check their 
change.  There is only so much time in a school day, and they need the 
constant practice with real life math skills!

The best way to contact me is by email at katherine_weitzel@etiwanda.org.  
You can also reach me through DOJO if you have signed up for emails.

I check my email at the end of every day, but not necessarily while I am 
teaching. If you have a message for me or your student, please call the 
office at 899-1704 and they will call me if required. Do not call or text 
them during the day. Cell phones are a major distraction, and have been used 
inappropriately by many people. Our campus has a zero tolerance policy. If 
we see them take out their phone for any reason, it will be confiscated. 
Teach your child that all rules apply to everyone. If you have an emergency, 
please notify me and I will make allowances.

Please copy and paste this link to access the homework assignments.


All teacher websites are currently under construction.  A new website will 
be available in the beginning of March 2018.  If you have any further 
questions, please call or email your child’s teacher.

Let's make this the best year for everyone.

Go Sharks!