Projects and Exams

This section of the webpage is dedicated to informing parents and students about upcoming exams, essays, and projects. Parents can assist students with daily homework by checking their student's pride planner daily.

2nd Trimester A/R Goals deadline is Feb. 13, 2018
Week of November 13

Bill of Rights Introduction (2 Days) 
10 Amendments Hand Signals Video 
Bill of Rights Graphic Organizer 
Interpreting the Bill of Rights 
Bill of Rights Quiz (Friday) 

Unit Assessment Review Correct Answers 
Weekly Progress Report
Churchill Close Read- Writing Prompt (StudySync)
Building Background 
Hilter Youth: Growing up in Hitler's Shadow (StudySync)
First Read
Video: The Holocaust: In Memory or Millions 


 2nd Trimester A/R Goals  deadline is Feb. 13, 2018