Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate and be apart of the end of the year activities, including the

ability to participate in the Promotion Ceremony the following must be completed:

1. GRADES: No more than 3 Fails total from 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

2. Excellent Behavior: Behavior/end of the year points must be met.

Student Responsibilities

  • Copy your homework in your pride planner. In efforts to create good habits, I will reserve the last 5 minutes of instruction each class period to assign, model and set expectations for A+ work. It is the students responsibility to record all homework during this time. 
  • Reaching A/R Goal Students were given a goal 8/14 and is expected to reach that goal no later than Oct. 25. A/R is recorded as a test grade and can greatly adjust overall grade....(Make sure that adjustment is a positive one by making A/R a priority this year.)
  • Complete and turn in all class work and homework on a daily basis.
  • Make sure your first and last name, date, and period are on your paper. 3 points will be taken off if student located their work on the "No Name Wall."
  • Make sure you have a complete title on your paper. 3 points will be taken off if it is not done.
  • Pay attention and ask questions! Open office hours for extra help is every day before school, during lunch, and after school. 
  • Complete and turn in any absent work.
  • Show your parents your tests.
  • Raise those Grades! Correct quiz and test that scores less than a 70% with test corrections. Test corrections only accepted one day after quiz/test is returned.
  • KNOW your grades on AERIES
  • Complete the Extra Credit assignment for each class, for each trimester.
  • Questions? Please see me during office hours to discuss grades, behavior, missing assignments, etc.
Makeup Work

Students who miss school work because of an excused absence shall be given the opportunity to complete all assignments and tests that can be reasonably provided. As determined by the teacher, the assignments and tests shall be reasonably equivalent to, but not necessarily identical to, the assignments and tests missed during the absence. Students shall receive full credit for work satisfactorily completed within a reasonable period of time. (Education Code 48205) Students who miss school work because of unexcused absences may be given the opportunity to make up missed work for full or reduced credit. Teachers shall assign such makeup work as necessary to ensure academic progress, not as a punitive measure.
Students have the number of days of the absence to complete make up work, or as adjusted by the teacher. 

The amount of time that 8th grade students shall be expected to spend on homework is about 20 minutes per academic class. All assignments will be posted, modeled, and updated daily in the classroom. Students are responsible for recording all homework assignments in their pride planner.  Please note, class time is given to students to start or complete their homework. When a student learns to manage class time well he/she will have little or no homework. 
Independent Study Family needs (vacation, bereavement)  
Contact the attendance office to request Independent study.
Short-term Independent Study
To foster each student's success in short-term independent study, the Board establishes the following maximum lengths of time which may elapse between the time an assignment is made and date by which the student must complete the assigned work.