Important Announcments: 

*Thanksgiving Break is 11/20/17 through 11/24/17*
*Monday, 11/27/17 is a Minimum Day*


 Important Math Announcements:

To access ConnentED at home, please use the following link:

  • Chapter 1 Quiz is tentatively scheduled for: Friday, 12/1/17
    Chapter 1 Test is tentatively schedules for: Tuesday, 12/9/17

** We will spend the day reviewing the lessons throughout the chapter in class on the day prior to tests/quizzes. If student would like additional practice to prepare for the chapter quizzes/tests, they are welcome to come in on Tuesday and/or Thursday after school until 2:45 P.M. for additional assistance and/or practice. Your child may also complete additional practice questions for the test/quiz on their ConnecED accounts.

ConnectED Steps:
1. Log on to ConnectED account
2. Select Chapter 1
3. Select the lesson that applies to the test (Lessons: 1, 2, and 4)
4. Under Lesson Resources, Click on the red icon with check
5. Select Self-Check Quiz for the lesson
6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each lesson that applies to the test/quiz


Important Science Announcements:

  • 6-2 Quiz is scheduled for: 11/30/17
    *Best preparation for science quizzes is to study your notes.

  • 6-3 Quiz is scheduled for: TBA
    *Best preparation for science quizzes is to study your notes.

  • 6 TEST is scheduled for: TBA
    *Best preparation for science tests are your to study your Study Guides provided in class.
    Family Life Unit will begin on Mon., 12/4/17 and Conclude on Tuesday, 12/15/17


Home Economics: 
  • In order to participate in the cooking component, Permission Slips are DUE no later than:  11/3/17.
  • Finals week: 12/11 TO 12/15 . Students will be sent home with a clear description of the assignment (teal paper) and a schedule with their assigned day to cook that week (yellow paper). The schedules will be sent home two weeks prior to finals. Student will be given three class periods to research and select recipe, prepare, and receive final approval prior to their scheduled final. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me (

Test Correction Procedures:
 I will allow "Test Correction" on Chapter Test/Quizzes for those who scored 69% or below. This is designed to be a learning experience, as well as an avenue to help improve the students original score. The original test must be signed by a parent/guardian in order for me to accept and enter the new "Test Correction"grade of up to 70%. I highly recommend that your student attends Lunch Bunch or schedules a time after school to complete the test correction with me. This allows me to effectively reteach as necessary, scaffold students in finding their errors and correcting them, and clarifying any misconceptions to master the concepts. 

***Please be sure to follow ALL procedures listed on the pink flyer attached to the original test (also stated below). Students will have one week from the day the test/quiz was returned to them  to complete their test corrections.***

 Test Correction Procedures:
     *  The original test MUST be signed.
     *   Corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper
     *   Only redo the questions that were missed
     *   Write out the questions first and number them.
     *   Show ALL work 
     *   State your error analysis in a complete sentence
     *   Staple corrections to the original test
     *  Hand in directly to the teacher.


Grades are updated as of  Friday, 11/17/17 on Parent/Student Portal. Please check your students progress at LEAST twice a week.