Supply List

Welcome to 7th Grade! 

I am looking forward to a great year! Below you find a list of 
suggested instructional supplies for use in class and at home. 
Please note that this is a suggested supply list.  Purchase of these 
items is voluntary.  Many parents have requested a list of what 
supplies would be appropriate for each grade level.  I hope this will 
be of some assistance.  

Thank you, 

Miss Neu

I highly recommend that these items be brought to class daily:
___ Calculator
___ 2" or 3" notebook with 5-subject dividers & notebook paper (need 
this throughout the 
year) OR	
___ Spiral notebooks (one for each subject; 2)
___ red correction pens (at least 2) *
___ PENCILS!! (minimum of 3 at all times, preferably mechanical) *
___ eraser
___ enclosed hand sharpener (really helpful!)
___ blue or black pens (minimum of 2 at all times) *
___ colored pencil
___ multi-colored markers (color coded notes)
___ double-sided tape or glue sticks
___ student scissors
___ 12” ruler
___ highlighters (multiple colors if possible)

*Students will use these items daily. 

If you would like to donate any of the following items for class use, 
it would be appreciated: 

Glue Sticks**
Candy (no peanuts please)
Disinfectant wipes