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11/27 - Math: Review lessons 3-1 to 3-5
Science: Atom Project due on Thursday

11/28 - Math: Review lesson 3-6, Independent Practice
Science: Finish section review for 8-3      **Atom Project due Thursday

11/29 - Math: p.227 #15-18    Start rough draft for Midterm Poster
Science: Atom Project due tomorrow

12/4 - Math: Review lesson 3-7, Work on rough draft
Science: Ch.8 Study Guide due, Test tomorrow

12/5 - Math: Lesson 3-8 Choose 4-5 problems, 3-6 to 3-8 Quiz tomorrow
Science: Family Life begins tomorrow

12/6 - Math: Midterm Math Poster, Ch.3 Test Friday
Science: Family Life

12/7 - Math: Midterm Math Poster due(Turning in on Monday: A Homework Re-do 
pass can be used or a 5% penalty)    ****Ch.3 Test tomorrow
Science: Family Life

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