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NewsFlash 1

 I hope the holiday months are going well for everyone.  We have a really busy last few weeks before our holiday break.  Here are a list of things that will be coming up:

12/5 - Ch.8 Science Test
12/6 - Starting our Family Life curriculum
12/8 - Ch.3 Math Test
12/11 - District Math Benchmark
12/13 - Math Midterm Chapters 1-2
12/14 - Math Midterm Chapters 3-4
12/15 - End of 6 week grading period, End of Family Life
12/19 - iReady Diagnostic
12/20 - iReady Diagnostic
12/21 - Minimum Day, Holiday Party

We have our Chapter 8 Science Test tomorrow.  Please make sure your students have used their study guide to study.
We are taking our Chapter 3 Math Test on Friday.  Please remind your students to review and come with questions by Thursday if there is something they don't understand.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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Last Modified: Monday, December 04, 2017
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