Resources and Fun Websites

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This web site is linked to quizlab but contains other fun 
games and information for both students and parents.

Math homework help for middle school math.
Fun math problems for you and your family to work on.
the most popular science exhibits from the San Francisco 
you can experience in your own home.

Summit Intermediate School app for Android phones

Summit Intermediate School app for I-phones
Learn about space science and astonomy.  This site includes a 
glossary of terms and many wonderful pictures of objects in our 
system. Minilessons and quizzes on all sorts of 
topics within a subject.  All subjects are covered.  Username: 
password: shark

If you would like to purchase a yearbook online, this is the link 
to do so. The earlier you buy the yearbook in the year the 
cheaper it will. Summit runs out of yearbooks to sell at the end 
of the year so be sure to buy one early!

Class Code is QQT4DT
Use this website to play an interactive math game that will help 
your teacher know which skills you are struggling in and how much 
of the curriculum you've mastered. The problems progress as you