Welcome to 7th grade!  I am so happy to have you in class and look 
forward to an exciting year. Learning is our Superpower!!!

For the 2nd Trimester, the AR goal will be 25 points.  Make sure 
you are completing your nightly assigned homework of reading for 
30 minutes.  

Week of November 13-17

Monday, November 13, 2017
Language Arts:   Reread:  The Lottery and complete the 5W's (who?
                 what?  where? when? and why?)
                 Read 30 minutes for AR

Social Studies:  Complete both of the essay questions for Ch. 4 test.
                 Use a separate piece of paper for each question.  This 
                 is the take home portion of the test.  
                 Chapter 4 test is on November 16th. 

Tuesday, November 14
Language Arts:   Read 30 minutes
                 Complete the chart called Big Question:  What Surprised

Social Studies:  Continue to prepare for Ch. 4 test on Nov. 16

Wednesday, November 15
Language Arts:   Read:  30 minutes
                 Complete the Reaction Chart

Social Studies:  Social Studies test will be tomorrow 11/16.
                 Be prepared.  

Thursday, November 16
Language Arts:   Complete the two annotations questions that were given
                 to you in class today.  (Started in class)
                 Read 30 minutes

Social Studies:  Ch. 4 test given today.  No homework.  

week of November 6-10

Monday, November 6
Language Arts:   Read 30 minutes

Social Studies:  Complete Advertisement Poster (China)
                 Complete Ch. 4-3 section of your foldable
                 Review notes for Ch. 4-4

Tuesday, November 7
Language Arts:   Complete the Close Read Access 4 packet
                 Review for the comprehension and vocabulary tests
                 tomorrow. (The Gladiator)
                 Read 30 min.  

Social Studies:  Complete the graphic organizer for ch. 4 

Wednesday, November 8
Language Arts:   Google classroom writing assignment:  The Gladiator
                 Read 30 minutes

Social Studies:  Guided Reading 4-4 
                 Quiz 4-4 will be tomorrow.  
                 Work on Study Guide  Test will be Thursday, Nov. 16

Thursday, November 9

Social Studies:  Work on study guide to be prepared for your test on
                 Thursday, Nov. 16


Week of October 30 - Nov. 3

Monday, October 30
Language Arts:   Complete the Blast (Powers That Be)  
                 Complete the Access 4 which goes with The Blast
                 Read 30 minutes

Social Studies:  4-2 quiz was today
                 Read/take notes for pgs. 268-70

Tuesday, October 31    Happy Halloween   Be Safe
Language Arts:   Read for 30 minutes.

Social Studies:  Review all notes for Ch. 4-3  
                 Quiz on Friday 

Wednesday, November 1
Language Arts:   Reread The Gladiator
                 4 square Vocabulary activity due 11/2

Social Studies:  Guided Reading 4-3
                 Review notes

Thursday, November 2
Language Arts:   Read 30 minutes
                 Complete "Think Questions"
                 4 square vocabulary activity is due tomorrow.

Social Studies:  Review for 4-3 quiz

Week of October 23-27

Monday, October 23
Language Arts:   Read for 30 minutes
                 Last day for AR test will be 10/26

Social Studies:  Quiz 4-1 will be tomorrow.
                 Complete 4-1 portion of foldable. 

Tuesday, October 24
Language Arts:   Read 30 minutes.  Last day for AR is 10/26/2017
Social Studies:  Reread pgs. 261-264 and continue your notes. 

Wednesday, October 25
Language Arts:   Read:  Rikki-tikki-tavi and complete annotations in
                 the workbook.
                 Last day for AR is tomorrow 10/26

Social Studies:  Complete all notes and review for Ch. 4-2    

Thursday, October 26
Language Arts:   SyncTV:  Rikki-Tikki-Tavi story.  Answer questions on

Social Studies:  Complete the Guided Reading 4-2
                 Quiz 4-2 is Friday.