ART Elective

August 2017:

Paracord Instructions:
Here's the one we tried today. We will continue tomorrow, please be patient with me and yourselves. This is a new skill and we're all learning. 

Here's another one that you may want to try, it may be easier for some.  This one goes through a different way of tying the cord. Again, we will try and see which one works for you.


Welcome to the Art Elective taught by Mrs. Calonge during period 4.  

You can download the important resources regarding policies, grading rubrics, and project/weekly progress reports.

Supplies: While ALL students will participate in the activities, the degree to which crafts and materials are utilized will be limited by the amount of donations received. A $5 donation is being collected in order to purchase plastic cording, string, clay, etc. that may be used throughout the elective. Students are welcome to bring their own color pencils, markers, etc. to use, however, class materials will be available to ALL students. 

Click Artelectivepolicies.pdf for the policies for the class.
Click ArtProjectRubric.pdf for the grading rubric that will be used on major projects/assignments.
Click WeeklyArtProgressReport.pdf for the form that will be completed for projects/assignments.
Click HERE for the presentation on COLOR.

Here are some of the YouTube videos that I will be showing the students in the classroom. Unfortunately, these cannot be accessed in the classroom on District Chromebooks. They are put here for reference and to explore some of the activities/projects we may be working on. 

Art Resources:

Design Elements:'s%20of%20Art.pdf


Art Activities:


Shaved Crayon Monoprints:

Op Art: Optical Art - Vasarely

Grafitti Name:

Pointillism: Seurat

Face Study: