First Day Information (short version)

Monday, August 7, 2017

It's that time of year-----Back to School!!!

Welcome to my math/science classes! I am excited to begin my 26th year of teaching and want to give you a 'snapshot' of the policies and procedures important in my classroom. You and your student will get the longer version in my First Day Folder! Please keep these and refer to them as needed throughout the year.

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1.Teacherweb is going to be the website used until the end of 2017.   Here's my website, and if you notice on the homework page, I've got Mrs. Kvalheim's linked for easier navigation between our two classes.

  • My Teacherweb is updated daily with in class and homework assignments. When students are absent, they should check my Teacherweb to find out what assignments were missed in class and need to be made up.

  • The District will be converting over to a new web-based system and I will notify you of the site change at a later date.

2. Our classroom is based upon the 6 Levels of Moral Development:

  • Level 1: I don’t want to get in trouble.

  • Level 2: I want a reward.

  • Level 3: I want to please somebody.

  • Level 4: I follow the rules.

  • Level 5: I am considerate of other people.
  • Level 6 (the level we strive for): I have a personal code of behavior and I follow it.

I also have these condensed into three (3) basic expectations:

Potential Rewards:

Potential Consequences:

  • Verbal praise

  • ClassDojo Points

  • Positive Weekly ClassDojo Report

  • Prizes in exchange for ClassDojo points

  • Whole class “PAT Time” (Preferred Activity Time)

  • Verbal warning

  • Sitting apart from the group

  • Notice home to sign: Student will serve lunch detention in Mrs. Calonge’s room until the notice is returned with a parent signature

3. Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday and due the following day. Any work assigned on Friday is usually completed during class time when students are on task. Otherwise, there may be some time required over the weekend to complete the unfinished assignment.  Projects are usually assigned over an extended period with some class time given, but primarily the work is done at home. I do offer some afterschool sessions for partners to work together. 

  • Each day’s assigned homework is reviewed  in class and should be written in students’ PRIDE Planners. The assignments will also be listed on the whiteboard in class and available in detail on my Teacherweb. Occasionally classwork that is not finished in class will become homework.

  • The following day, homework is corrected/reviewed and scored for completion NOT correctness. It critical that students complete their homework regularly and that they are correcting their work. These assignments are designed to reinforce the concepts learned and will help the students prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests.  

4. I update my students’ grades weekly in Aeries, usually over the weekend. My younger son is active in the Etiwanda High School Marching Eagle Regiment and as a Band Mom/Chaperone, our weekends tend to be very full and exciting. So, please feel free to contact me via email if you need to regarding your child's progress. 

  • It is very important for students and parents to check grades weekly using the Parent/Student Portal. The link is available on the Homework page.  

  • If you need assistance with your parent or student portal account, please call the office at (909) 899-1704.

5. My policies for extra credit, late work, and failing quizzes/tests are as follows:

  • I do not offer extra credit on an individual basis to bring up grades.  There are times that BONUS questions/problems are offered on quizzes/tests. I always recommend EVERY student attempt these problems as there is NO penalty for an incorrect answer. 

  • I accept late work for partial credit during the first trimester. The assignment must be turned in within a reasonable time (1-3 days). Otherwise, if it's over a week late, the highest grade will be 70% of the total points earned.

  • Request to Retest is something that is offered when a student would like to improve a poor score or raise a score. Please see the detailed explanation in the "7th Grade Operations Manual" that will be coming home on the first day of school.  

6. My policies regarding food and drinks are as follows:

  • Water is the only drink allowed in class. I encourage my students to bring a water bottle to school each day to avoid disruptions. Students may use the water fountain in class as long as it does not create a disruption. This policy may change based upon a class’s need.

  • Healthy snacks may be eaten in class as long as they do not create a disruption (no candy). This policy may change based upon a class’s need and the students' responsibility to clean up their trash.

7. This is a suggested supply list and purchase of these items is voluntary:

  • pencils and erasers (if mechanical, please provide own lead)

  • red pens and/or highlighters

  • lined paper

  • crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils for at home use

8. Throughout the year, I conduct experiments and activities that require parent help and/or $/donations of materials. This is voluntary and I make due with what we receive to provide your students quality (and I've heard 'fun') experiences. Please consider donating to these when the notices come home. Also, I may also need parent/guardian help to make these things happen, so if you can volunteer, please indicate that on the forms when they come home.

9. Homeroom only: The first opportunity to sign up for a conference time will be at Back-to-School night on Wednesday, August 16th. Please see my Teacherweb for additional information under the “Parent Conferences” tab.

If you read through this and the packet and you need to contact me to clarify or to comment, please send me an email at (you can also email me through Teacherweb). 

Thank you,

Mrs. Calonge