Frequently Asked ?'s

Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions 
of students and parents.
  1. Do you accept extra credit?
  2. How can my child bring up a failing grade?
  3. How can my child improve test/quiz grades?
  4. How often will I receive grades for my child?
  5. How do I reach you?
  6. How can I see my child's grades?
  7. Do you accept late work?

Do you accept extra credit?

No, I do not.  In the beginning of the year letter, I explain that I provide your student with enough 
homework. When he/she completes the homework in the best manner possible, neatly, on time,
then there is no need for extra credit.
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How can my child bring up a failing grade?

As 7th graders, students need to continue to develop study skills and organizational skills.  A closer look at 
the reasons why a child is failing is needed. If it because work is not being completed/turned in,
then the student would need to consistently use the PRIDE PLANNER and complete homework
each and every night. If the student is failing due to poor grades, then the student should begin
studying nightly prior to the test/quiz. I usually notify the students at least one week before any
quiz or test is given in my class.
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How can my child improve test/quiz grades?

Homework includes reviewing notes, worksheets, and assignments for the content covered on 
upcoming quizzes and tests. Many students fail quizzes/tests because they have not reviewed
the material on a daily basis. Students must learn to memorize and/or constantly review in order
to do well on quizzes/tests. If your child is given a study guide/practice test, make sure he/she
really spends time completing it, correcting it, and reviewing it. The tests aren't always 'exactly'
like the practice tests, so students need to know the content as much as possible.
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How often will I receive grades for my child?

I will NOT be sending home weekly grades with your child. I typically update grades over the weekend. 
Please check into AERIES yourself and review your child's grades at least twice a month, if not weekly.
The 6th week marks the end of the progress reporting period, as well
as the end of each elective rotation. These notices are sent home toward the end of the 7th week
and show midterm grades. The 12th week marks the end of the report card period for the
trimester. Report cards are mailed home.

Using the ESPRI online gradebook, will keep you up to date on your child's progress as well. I
typically update grades weekly and my gradebook is always 'open' for parents to view. The only
times that my gradebook is 'closed' is when grades for progress reports and report cards are
being processed by the District.
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How do I reach you?

You can reach me via e-mail at or (909) 899-1704.  It is usually 
faster to reach me via email since I check it often throughout the day. Also, be sure to put your
child's name in the subject of the email so that I know that it is from a parent and not
spam/junk mail. You can also reach me through a link on my teacherweb site at Here you can sign up for the NEWSFLASH feature on
my website so that you are notified automatically via email regarding announcements, upcoming
tests, projects. or events.
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How can I see my child's grades?

You will need to register for AERIES which will show you the grades, District Assessment results, and 
State Test scores. The directions for setting up an account are given at the website.
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Do you accept late work?

Typically, the answer to this is "No." However, the first trimester of 7th grade is a huge transition for
many students. From previous years' experience, I have implemented the following "Late Work" policy
in my class. For the first trimester ONLY, I will accept late/missing work for full earned credit within one
week of the assignment's due date. During the second trimester, any late/missing work will NOT earn full
credit, and a deduction of points will be given.**PLEASE read NOTE below*** Finally, in the third trimester,
NO LATE WORK will be accepted for credit. This is in preparation for 8th and 8th grade where the majority of
teachers do NOT accept late work at any time. Of course, if your child is absent, the work can be made up.
Please assist your child in keeping track of the absent assignments as these must be turned in within the days
missed upon your child's return to school.

***NOTE*** Once the grading period has passed (Progress Reports/Trimester ends), the missing/late assignments
cannot be turned in for grading. This is because grades will have been processed by the office for official
Progress Reports/Report Cards and finalized.
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