Grading Policy

The following grading scale applies to students in my classes.
Homework (10)
Classwork (25)
Quizzes/Projects (30)
Tests (35)
Total = 100%

The overall grading policy for letter grades:
A= 90-100%
B= 80-89%
C= 70-79%
D= 60-69%
F= 0-59%

Detailed assignment summaries can be found using the ESPRI online gradebook.
The gradebook is 'open' and is updated weekly. 

The school office will send out Progress Reports each trimester (six weeks).
These will NOT be mailed home, your child will be bringing it home. Again, a
signature will be required to verify that you have seen and are aware of your
child's progress. First trimester report cards will be handed to you during
Parent Conferences, and second and third trimester report cards will be
mailed home.