Educational Links

Review Games by grade level and topic
Math Games

check it out to help you review Lesson 2-6
Interactive Sales Tax Game

This site is for our HOLT Math and Science books. Students have 
and accounts where they can access practice quizzes, extra help, 
notes, etc.
Holt Textbooks

Get a Reality Check on living in the Real World! This site allows 
you to 
choose your lifestyle and total up living expenses. It's also a 
resource to find out about careers.
Reality Check

Career information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics-check out 
Occupational Outlook Handbook on the homepage for a full 
listing of 
the occupations.

Math site for practice, games, and more.

Our science book has a website for you to explore the various 
covered this year. There is a list of codes in the front of the 
science book 
once you log on.

More math fun, lessons, practice, games, and more.  Grade levels 

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet.  This site uses bugs, worms, 
belches, and 
blackheads to teach science concepts.

National Geographic for Kids

NASA for middle-school students

Middle School Activities

Hot Math- This site gives examples of the textbook problems so 
that your 
child can figure out homework problems. Use the school code. The 
Homework Help

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