NAME: Mrs. Sandra Kamiyama-Calonge

SCHOOL: Summit Intermediate School

CLASS: 7th grade math and science

SCHOOL PHONE: 909-899-1704

About The Teacher

I am excited to be your child's teacher.  I have been teaching for 26
years.  I have two sons who are 18 and 14 1/2 years old. We 
adopted Otto, a beagle, four years ago, and he has been an exciting addition 
to our family. I attended UC Irvine, got my Bachelor's degree from Long Beach 
State and my teaching credential from Cal State Fullerton. In June 2006, I 
completed my masters degree from National University.   I have taught grades 4-
8 in Ontario,Rancho Cucamonga, Etiwanda, and Fontana. I look forward to working 
with you and your child as we progress through this year.

Mission For The Class

What do I want to provide your children? 
I want our classroom to be a safe place for them to ask questions, take 
risks, and make mistakes.  These are critical life lessons and skills that 
will allow your children to compete and survive in the high-tech world 
they live in. I want to give them opportunities to work with others and to 
be self-reliant as they progress through the year. I want them to have 
ownership in what they learn and how they learn it. Your children will be 
required to THINK, to REASON, to EVALUATE,  and to APPLY what they know to 
unknown situations, real-life applications, and testing.  I want them to 
understand that being a good student is only ONE part of being a good 
person; character, perseverance, humor, and compassion are all necessary 
traits that add to each of us as humans interacting with others. 

What do I want parents to provide their children?  
TIME-Opportunities to INTERACT WITH YOU and discuss issues, 
concepts, and problems. 
PATIENCE when the grades aren't all A's like in 6th grade. The GPA 
isn't the end-all, be-all. While good grades are indicative of achievement 
on tests, quizzes, and projects; there are other areas that cannot be 
graded with letter grades. How does your child deal with challenges, 
justifying his/her thinking, and those intangible skills that allow for 
improvement, growth, and maturity? 

What do I need from your children?  
EFFORT, COOPERATION, and INTEGRITY. These are developed as they progress 
through 7th grade, adolescence, and hormones!! It will be challenging for 
some of your children to put forth the effort when 6th grade seemed 'easy' 
to them and they didn't need to study or review. The content that we cover 
in math is new in many aspects, and there are added components of integer 
operations, statistics/probability, word problems, and justification of 
thinking, that will be emphasized as the implementation of Common Core 
Standards continues. Science will integrate individual research topics and 
group projects. We cover many topics in life science this year. As we look 
to the beginning stages of adopting the Next Generation Science Standards, 
it will be my goal to implement hands-on activities and critical thinking 
into the curriculum.