Supply List

  These items should be kept in your back pack and brought to class daily:
_____ Pocket folders – a different color for each subject 
_____Binder with dividers for subject
_____Glue sticks
_____Pens (Dark blue or black ink only)
_____Red correction pens (at least 2)
_____Pencils (minimum of 3 at all times, preferably mechanical)
_____Lined notebook paper
_____2 spiral notebooks
_____Small stapler
_____Personal pencil sharpener
_____Colored pencils
_____Dry Erase Marker
_____Pencil bag/box

Items you will need at home:
_____Lined notebook paper

Items needed for whole class use:
_____Kleenex	_____Red pens	_____Bottled hand soap
_____Treats 	_____Glue sticks   _____Dry Erase Markers
_____Paper Towels			_____Notebook paper

Thanks for your support of our classroom!