Click on the NewsFLash tab on the left hand side of teacherweb and sign up for email or text message alerts from me regarding important information about the classes I teach.
For example, I will send out a "NewsFlash" to remind parents that a test is coming up, and it will either go directly to your cell phone or email inbox! What a great way to stay updated!

For test corrections: This is an option for any test or quiz in which the
student scored below a C-. The problems missed must be redone on a separate
sheet of paper, stapled to the original test or quiz, and have a parent
signature on the original. Redone tests or quizzes must be turned into
the "redo" tray to be reevaluated.

GATE activities will be completed during Universal Access time, period 5. Universal Access allows opportunities for our students create and apply their knowledge while engaging higher level thinking and solving skills.

Grades are available 24/7 on-line! Don't be surprised, check your grades

Homework for the week is posted under the homework tab.