How to Help My Student Be More Successful

For your student to become more successful…


Student responsibilities:

  • Complete and turn in all classwork and homework on a daily basis.
  • Pay attention and ask questions!
  • Complete and turn in any absent work (all classes) .
  • Correct any tests that he/she scored less than 70%, according to procedures (attached).
  • Show Friday File contents ---corrected work and or missing/grade reports to parents/guardians.



Parent/Guardian responsibilities:

  • Ask student for Friday File contents/paperwork weekly.
  • Check Teacher Web daily to ensure that all work has been completed. (Actually have student show completed work and check off in planner.)
  • Review Newsflash updates daily
  • Sign up for Espri/check student’s progress
  • Help student organize work/papers.


Math/Science Weekly routines:

  • Turn in classwork day after assigned into appropriate folders.
  • HW is due next day, unless otherwise directed

Grade reports and/or missing work reports are available for viewing via  ESPRI. Grade reports will only be printed upon request. Parents are encouraged to check ESPRI on a regular basis to track student's progress.