Classroom Rules

Exploration Rules

“Power up for Success”- Mrs. Overholt Room M5

As in real life, procedures must be followed in the classroom. You will be expected to do the following in my classroom this year:

Entering the classroom in the morning…

· Please enter the room quietly.

· Be sure to have your red pen and pencil out and ready.

· Begin to write down all the assignments from the board into your Pride Planner

· See the agenda for instructions.

· Math homework will be checked at your seat. Turn in prior day’s assignments into appropriate folders

· Get out your materials. This includes:

o Spiral Notebook (journal)

o Red Pen

o Pencil

Homework should already be out, ready to be checked!

· Automatically begin warm-up. If you finish the warm-up, work on any weekly work or read an AR book.

During all teacher-directed lessons:

· Please give your full attention. This means your eyes are on the teacher, your hands are free, and your mouth is closed.

· You are expected to copy down examples and take notes.

    • Students are expected to raise hands and quietly wait to be called on, unless otherwise directed.

General behavior in the classroom:

· Enter the room quietly, see board for instructions.

    • Please stay in your seat unless otherwise directed.
    • Water bottles are the only drinks allowed in class. Please do not get up to use the water fountain during instructional time.
    • Students are expected to come to class prepared with all necessary materials at all times. This includes sharpened pencils. Students will not get up to sharpen pencils during class time.
    • Students are expected to have supplies at all times. Never remove anything from the teacher’s desk unless otherwise directed.
    • Classroom signals: I will use several ways to get your attention. These will be rehearsed in class.
    • Please use the restroom before school, on your break, at P.E., and after school.
    • In the event of an emergency, use crossed finger signal.
    • When working in groups, perform your assigned job and stay focused on the assignment. All members must contribute.
    • When moving around the room, remember to walk at all times and be respectful of others and their property.
    • When walking as a class to another location on campus, remember to walk quickly and quietly so as not to disturb other classes. Always be on your best behavior.
    • If assigned work is finished early, students are expected to work on any unfinished assignments or read an AR book. Students should never have an empty/idle desk. Remember, students are only to do work for the class you are in.

If you are tardy in the morning…

Go straight to the office and pick up a tardy slip. Walk into the classroom quietly, place your tardy slip on the whiteboard and take your seat. Do not interrupt the teacher.

Do not be tardy after P.E. or lunch. Unexcused tardies will result in assigned lunch detention.

Setting up assignments…

1. All assignments must have a proper heading. Please see example posted in class.

2. Math assignments :

a. must be done in pencil

b. must follow 2-column format. Please see example posted in class.

c. Must have all work shown on paper

Pride Planner…

Daily, at a specified time, we will fill out the Pride Planner as a class. You must write everything that the teacher does, even if you are finished with the assignment.

At the end of the period…

The teacher, not the bell, will dismiss the class. Please clean up your area and put away all supplies. Once dismissed, you may push in your chair and leave the room.


All homework and classwork is due the day after it is assigned, unless otherwise stated. No work will be accepted early.


Missing/Late work seriously damages your grade!


You will be given three free homework passes each trimester. You may use these for any subject. You do not have to make up these assignments. These may not be used for projects.

*Please note that projects must be turned in by the specified due date. Any project turned in after the due date will drop a full letter grade for each day it is late.

When you are absent…

1. Students must obtain missed assignments by going to the Teacher Web.

2. Check the Extras File for any handouts needed to complete assignments.

3. Please complete absent work in a timely manner.

4. If you missed a test or quiz, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher to make it up.

Procedures for correcting a test…

2. Have the original test signed by your parent or guardian.

3. Do not write your corrections on the original test sheet.

4. On another sheet of paper, write out the questions and the complete answers. A, B, or C will not be accepted. For science tests, put the page number where you found the correct answer. For math tests, show all work

5. Staple the corrections to the original test, corrections on top.

6. Turn in directly to the teacher.

General Information:

· If you have questions about your grades, parent notes, requests for grade reports, or need extra help with any other matter, please drop a note into the appropriate basket or email. Every effort will be made to respond by the next day.

    • All corrected work will be returned on Fridays in your hanging folder. Please do not approach the teacher with questions during this time. If you have a question, place a note in the basket or email.

*Please keep this list of procedures with you at all times.