stop stamp rules

Mrs. OVerholt Math/Science

Stamp-Behavior System

The STOP Stamp-Behavior System is designed to keep students on task. Students that make it an entire year without a STOP Stamp will be invited to a special lunch time party! The system can only be successful if you check your child’s Pride Planner DAILY! If your child receives a stamp I encourage you to speak with them about the specific issue and create a way for them to avoid another stamp in the future.

Students will be given a STOP stamp in their Pride Planner for these reasons:

  • Tardy
  • Gum
  • Missing assignment
  • No materials
  • Off task
  • Being disrespectful
  • Excessive talking
  • Not following directions
  • Phone going off in class

**REMINDER: Students receiving no stamps will be eligible for a classroom party at the end of the year!!!

**The stamp will be RED:

Thank you for working with me on this to make it a successful year!

-Mrs. Overholt