Supply List

Cover your textbooks!  This keeps them safe from accidents (ie: spilled juice-
something my kids do at home!).

This is a suggested supply list.  Purchase of these items is voluntary.  Many
parents have requested a list of what supplies would be appropriate for each
grade level. We hope this will be of some assistance. 
Thank you.

Spiral bound notebook
blue or black pens
red pens
colored pencils
glue sticks
pencil sharpener
2 two pocket folders
3-hole punch filler paper
1 multi colored pack of highlighters

Classroom and fun supply list for the students and mini classroom game challenges!
Hand soap                                            Dice
Bag of balloons                                     Hula hoop
Bubbles                                                Marbles
String                                                    Water bottle caps
M & M's                                               Toliet paper
Decks of cards                                       Pedometer
Large Red and Blue plastic cups             Large feathers
Golf balls                                                Water bottles
Ping pong balls                                        Tiny beeds
Flexible straws                                         Thread
Tissue boxes                                            6 empty, clean soda cans
Giant rubber band