NewsFlash 1

Dear 7th Grade Families,
We had an incident with my homeroom and switch classes that I wanted to make you aware of. Unfortunately, I had almost all of a Costco bag of chocolate candies stolen from me during a few class periods while I was helping students with a project. I talked to both classes about stealing and how it was wrong. Several students came up to me and apologized, admitting they had stolen some, and many told me who they had seen stealing the candy from my drawer. This candy was intended as prizes for my STEM elective class, but now it is gone. I am hoping you can take a moment to discuss this with your child. Not everyone was involved, but most knew about it and chose to be a bystander instead of letting me know in private or with an anonymous note. My hope is with my discussion with them, and yours, those involved will not do it again, and those who did not steal will try to let someone know if they see this occur in the future. I know this was just candy, but we have seen in our society how this can have an impact in other areas. I want our children to be the best they can be and stand up for what is right. Thank you for your support! 

:) Mrs. Williams