Frequently Asked Questions: This page 
contains answers to common questions of 
students and parents.
  1. How do you pronounce your name?
  2. Do we have to write in complete sentences?
  3. Do we have homework on Friday?
  4. What is the HOMEWORK POLICY?
  5. What should I do before a test?
  6. What do you mean by Daily Review?
  7. How do I know what homework I am missing.
  8. What are the text books?
  9. What is my classwork responsibility?
  10. How do I communicate if I have homework questions?
  11. What are the citizenship qualities for report card marks?
  12. When are parent conferences?
  13. What will help me be the MOST SUCCESSFUL?

How do you pronounce your name?

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Do we have to write in complete sentences?

Students in 7th grade must set high standards for themselves. Therefore, complete sentences are very important. We always imbed the questions into our answers when we write and answer orally.
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Do we have homework on Friday?

Not usually. Only if you have late work that I plan to accept the next school day.
This is a great time to do extra credit or make up work that I plan to accept.
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Homework is DUE THE DAY IT IS DUE. IT WILL BE ACCEPTED LATE THE NEXT DAY ONLY unless there is an extenuating circumstance and the student has a signed parent note.
Homework is an extension of the activities done in class. It may
also be a preparation activity for the next day's lesson. I try
to post it for the week to help students manage their time. However, I may
make changes as we go depending on how we were able to accomplish the day's

Students: Please check the Homework wall in class and enter any changes to your Pride
Planner for that day. Students that are asked to do work over or who do not
finish classwork will have to enter that specific work in their planner. It
won't be entered on this page.

Parents: To determine if your student is doing their work and turning it in on time, please look for the points possible and then your child's score. If it is less than the total, it was late, missing or incomplete. Your child may come in and look at the assignment sheet to determine which assignment(s) is in question. However, late work is not accepted after the next day.

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What should I do before a test?

Read all of your notes over the day you take them. You can even rewrite them to better understand what questions you may need to ask the next day. Also, see the link about studying. 
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What do you mean by Daily Review?

When you get home, whether I have assigned work or not, look over every assignment we did in class. Make sure before you move on that you really remember what we discussed that day for that category of work. If you rewrite the notes or do a few of the questions over, it will stay in your brain. If you then reread it daily before the test, you will have no problem remembering the concepts.
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How do I know what homework I am missing.

It should be written on your planner for that week. If you checked it off as you finished it, you would know. If you chose to write it down, then you may ask to see my log. If you didn't ask the day it was due, do not plan on turning it in late. Please see the Homework Policy.
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What are the text books?

Social Studies
Glencoe publishes our social studies text and has great resources on their website. The seventh grade course is a world history program and is the extension of ancient civilizations. The focus is on world social, cultural, and technological changes from A.D. 500 through 1789. Studies focus on Islam the African states; medieval cultures in China, Japan, and Europe; the Renaissance and Reformation; and the Age of exploration to the Enlightenment. World geography and research skills are also stressed.
Language Arts
Study Sync

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What is my classwork responsibility?

Bring notebooks, textbooks, planner, and appropriate writing tools to class.
Know due dates, and submit all coursework on time.
Late work will lose points for everyday it is late. Work more than 2 days late is not be accepted.
Absent Policy: Student is responsible for getting the work, and making sure it gets turned in. Any tests that are missed will be made up the day after the student returns to school. It is not my job to remind the student to get the work/tests.
Teacher web : http://www.teacherweb.com
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How do I communicate if I have homework questions?

	Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.  I require homework to be written down daily.  It will be posted on the whiteboard daily and students will enter it in the PRIDE PLANNER.  It can also be found on my Teacher Web site, which is updated weekly or as it changes each day. This site also has a calendar of events, due projects, and useful documents.  www.teacherweb.com/ca/summitintermediate. You can link to my email through this site as well or go directly to laurie_muratalla@etiwanda.org.
I will do my best to return your call or email by the next day. If a student emails me, I cannot return his/her email unless I have parent/guardian email to CC a copy of the correspondence.
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What are the citizenship qualities for report card marks?

O = Outstanding
- On time to class, participates appropriately, good attitude, respectful, excellent effort.
S = Satisfactory
- Usually on time, participates appropriately, respectful, decent effort.
N = Needs Improvement
- Several Tardies, more effort needed, wastes class time, needs to improve attitude, and phone calls home.
U = Unsatisfactory
- Tardy consistently, poor/no effort/low grade, disrespectful, wastes class time, disruptive, bad attitude. Expect to schedule a family conference.
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When are parent conferences?

Parent Conferences will be announced when they are coming up for the year.
Students will receive an information/sign up sheet in class.
May schedule other conferences throughout the year
Phone: (909)899-1704
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What will help me be the MOST SUCCESSFUL?


Always write down all the assignments that are assigned into your Pride Planner to have greater success in completing assignments. I give the students time at the beginning of each class to accomplish this task. You also need to be engaged in the lesson /instruction as it is occurring. You will be able to improve your grades by turning in all assignments on time and work for quality and completeness. You are able to make test/quiz corrections on any test/quiz in which scores are below 70%.

Always read this teacher website; it documents the class and homework assignments. It would be helpful for you to check the teacher web daily to stay accountable for your responsibilities. I also have a "Newsflash" on my teacher web that is available for you to sign up to receive notices of upcoming tests/quizzes/projects & events.

If there is ever anything that you could personally share with me to help me guide you toward greater success, I would very much value and appreciate it.

Please do not ever hesitate to communicate with me; I try to answer emails up to 5pm everyday.
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