Monday November 13th, 2017
Math:3-4 Slope intercept form
CW:Notes, Guided practice page 202
HW: Pgs 203-206 #'s 1-12, 28-32, Challange 13-16
Science: Review for test
CW: Correct study guide, kahoot, 
HW: Study for test

Tuesday November 14th, 2017
Math: 3-5 Graphing a line using Intercepts
CW: Notes and guided Practice pg212
HW:pg 213-216 #'s 1-6, 18-23, Challange 7-9
Science: Chapter 7 Test
HW: 8-1 and 8-2 Vocabulary

Wednesday November 15th, 2017
Math: 3-5 Continued
CW: HW practice/Skills Practice handouts
HW: Finish handouts
Science: 8-1 Directed reading
CW: Begin study guide
HW: continied cornell notes for 8-1

Thursday November 16th, 2017
Math: 3-6 Write linear equations
CW: notes, guided practice
HW: pgs 225-228 #'s 1-11 and 25-27. Challage 12-14
Science: Brian pop, intro 8-1
HW: finish Cornell notes

Friday November 17th , 2017
Math:Chapter 3 quiz
CW:quiz, HW practice hand out
HW: finish
Science: read 8-1