Supply List

�This is a suggested supply list.  Purchase of these items is 
voluntary.  Many parents have requested a list of what supplies 
would be appropriate for each grade level.  Some items, such as 
film, baby wipes, glue and glue sticks may be for the whole class 
use.  We hope this will be of some assistance.  Thank you.�

1 3 ring binder (2 inch works best!)
1 Subject dividers (minimum of 5)
Lined paper
1 Personal pencil sharpener ( hand held)
1 A pencil pouch or box (to keep materials in)
2 Pens: Black or blue only
2 White board markers
1 Calculator (optional)
2 red pens (for correcting)
2 spiral notebooks (70- 100 page)
2 glue sticks
10 sheet protectors
students will also need color pencils for home use.
Class wish list
Hand sanitiser
Glue Sticks
Dry erase markers