Hello parents and students,

A few reminders:
All grades are updated as of this morning, I have a pile (20ish) of late and test re-do's I did not get to. Will have those in by tomorrow morning.
 10/20 Friday, wear pink day
10/25 Wednesday, grade cut off for 1st trimester
10/25  Barbecue Board Games and Basketball, 6-8 at Summit, RSVP needed See flier going home Thursday 
10/27 last day of 1st trimester

Beginning second semester, any late work will receive half credit It's late if it not turned in by the end of the due date. I have lots of kids turning in late work, this will definitely affect their grade if it continues. Students on IEP's will not be affected if  stated in IEP.

Any late work over a 2 weeks old will not be graded. This prevents students from turning in piles of late work before grade cut offs. 

Box Top fund raiser, please send any in if you can. 

Math Dates
10/31  Chapter 4 test

Science Dates:
10/19 6-1 Quiz
10/24 6-2 Quiz
10/26 Chapter 6 test and atom book due