Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions
of students and parents.
  1. What do I need the first day?
  2. What is Mini Society?
  3. What is a Wednesday Folder?

What do I need the first day?

Please be ready with paper and pencil at least the 1st day - and
don't forget a lunch!
Please see suggested supply list on this website. :)
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What is Mini Society?

We have a great system of helping our students be responsible -
it's called Mini Society. Basically, they get paid for doing jobs and
turning in their work. If they forget something not only does their grade lower,
they also get fined. But when they turn in everything that they are supposed
to , they get bonus pay. It works much like having a job. The kids really buy
into it and 3 times a year we have business day, where they create their own
business and spend what they have earned.
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What is a Wednesday Folder?

I will send home a folder every other Wednesday, starting week #
2, that will indicate any missing assignments, behavior, upcoming events, etc.
So there won't be any surprises for the parents and the students have the
opportunity to turn in what they may have missed (Penalized, of course, but
better than a zero!) Every week grades are updated - please check your child's
Parent/Student Portal often - I will only send home a grade report upon
request.** Please make sure you are signing your childs
Wednesday Folder every week - I will send one every week this year or at least a note
saying you won't get one (like when we are at camp) - this is a MOST important
communication tool for all of us. I will ALWAYS send home a note.
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