What is camp?
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What is camp?

6th Grade Science Camp Informational Memo

We attend camp at Pali Mountain, it is located near Running Springs about 45 minutes from Summit. We have been going to camp at Pali for over ten years! The students always have a blast! Camp is scheduled this year in January/February. All classes are attending together Wednesday-Friday, January 31- February 2.

Camp sessions are 3 days and two nights and the cost for each child is $285.00 per student. We are happy to accept cash, EZ pay or checks made out to Summit Intermediate School. Payment is due January 10, 2018. We would love to have 100% attendance at camp – it is such a wonderful experience, no child should miss it! All paperwork and medication (forms to be sent home November 29) are due no later than Wednesday, December 20, 2017, and all monies are due January 10th.

At science camp the students will be learning about forest ecology, animal dissection, archery, weather predicting, the solar system, engineering, geology and the favorite, ropes. The students will have 24-hour supervision by the fully qualified staff at Pali Mountain. All students will have an opportunity to choose at least one person to buddy with at camp.

Each day will consist of new learning experiences and the evenings will be educational as well. The first night the students will get the best look they’ve ever had at the stars. The second night will be Owl Pellet dissection. Everyone gets a chance to learn new things and discover interests they didn’t know they had.

The itinerary is as follows: Depart Summit at appx. 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, January 31. PLEASE label all luggage and sleeping necessities and bring to school cafeteria the morning of January 31. Students report to class at regular time. Return to Summit Friday afternoon approximately at 1:00. You may check your child out with their homeroom teacher at that time.

As with all school functions, electronic devices are not permitted at camp. This includes cell phones (reception is not possible). Students do not need any money at camp; please do not send any valuables with them. Included in this packet is a parent informational packet from Pali that should answer questions about location, contact information and an address to send mail to your child!

We are looking forward to a wonderful camp experience for all. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 909/899-1704

Kim VandenBossche
Camp Coordinator
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Camp - Parent Packet -Information you may want to know!


Dear Parents:

We are thrilled that your child will be attending Pali Institute (Pali). The following pages are designed to give you a good overview of our program and answer any questions that you may have.

While most outdoor programs have a set curriculum, your school has the ability to choose exciting classes from our three key learning components: Science, Outdoor Education, and Leadership. This enables your school to customize their visit in order to meet the specific scholastic needs of your student!

Our goal at Pali is to open a whole new world of education for young people, thus providing them with a unique learning experience that extends beyond classroom walls. Our innovative curriculum and professional staff give students the thrilling opportunity to touch, see, and experience what they learn in the scenic San Bernardino Mountains located near Lake Arrowhead.

Safety is our number one priority at Pali. Our students are supervised 24 hours a day by highly trained staff. We only hire the best educators and our staff must complete a rigorous training before beginning work at Pali. Pali has two full-time registered nurses living on-site, available 24/7, to attend to medical needs. Fire and ambulance services are located within minutes of our facility.

Each child’s visit at Pali will be unique and exciting as they gain a better appreciation for the environment around us. With the Pali Institute team in place, your child is guaranteed to have the time of their life!

Your child is your most precious possession and we thank you for giving us the wonderful opportunity to share our unique teaching environment. At Pali Institute, we bring textbooks to life. If there is anything extra you need answered after reading the enclosed parent packet, please contact your child’s school, visit our website at www.paliinstitute.com, or call us at 909-867-5743.

The Location
Pali Institute is nestled in the pine-covered mountains of Southern California, located only minutes from Lake Arrowhead Village and within 90 minutes of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. Pali students learn and unwind on our 74-acre property. Bordered by the San Bernardino National Forest, our program extends to all that nature can provide. Pali provides direct access to nature with the comfort of quality accommodations and dining. We believe that we have created the perfect learning environment.
Outdoor Education Instructors
We hire only the most qualified instructors to work with your children. In addition to having the appropriate experience, our staff have a great passion for life and an endless love for teaching. Instructors hold current certification in CPR & First Aid and in Ropes Course Facilitation. In addition to the above certifications, our instructors receive extensive training in both interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. A thorough background check is carried out on each employee including a federal background check and references reviewed.
Medical Staff & Medication Procedures
Our on-site Nurse will help your child with his or her medication. Please follow the directions on the health history form to ensure the best care possible is provided for your child.

Please return the enclosed medical form to your child’s teacher at least THREE WEEKS prior to your child’s arrival. The more completely you fill in your child’s medical history, the better we can serve you.

Medications are taken very seriously at Pali. To ensure proper administration, all medication that your child uses on an ongoing basis and plans to use at Pali must be in its original pharmacy labeled bottle. Medication must be kept in the infirmary. The nurse keeps a log of daily medication on file.

Students may not store nor administer their personal medications. Please, do not send medication with your child without checking with your school health office first! The only exceptions would be for students who have asthma or anaphylactic allergies that should keep their inhaler or Epi-pen with them if the self-carry medication forms are completed by the physician and parent and have been turned in to your child’s school health office at least three (3) weeks before camp students depart with the appropriately labeled medication.

Inherent Risk
Outdoor and adventure activities involve inherent risks that are sometimes impossible to know or predict, including but not limited to: narrow trails; rough, exposed, steep or slippery terrain; lightning; cold weather; wild animals, plants and insects; fires and other acts of nature. We constantly strive to reduce these risks and provide programs that respect emotional, social, intellectual and physical safety. However, it is impossible to anticipate and remove all factors that impact safety. Participants and/or guardians acknowledge their understanding of and agreement to participate in potentially unsafe programs by signing appropriate risk management forms.

Discipline Policy
Pali Institute implements a Three Strike discipline system to ensure a successful and safe experience for all students. Upon a school's arrival, all students attend an orientation in which Pali's rules and expectations are highlighted to set up students for a positive trip, including the "3 R's of Respect;" respecting themselves, respecting others and respecting the environment. While we hope to change negative behaviors using other methods, there are times where it is necessary to implement this discipline system. When any strike is earned the student will write down the reason they earned a strike on a discipline form, and the student, their school's teacher and a Pali administrator will talk about how their behavior can improve.

• The 1st Strike is a warning. The student will also be informed that if they earn a 2nd Strike, a call will be placed to their parents.

• A 2nd Strike is issued if a student's behavior does not improve. The student will call their parents to explain their behavior. Also, the student's teacher and a Pali administrator will discuss possible consequences such as missing out on an activity or writing apology letters to those affected.

• If a student earns a 3rd Strike, a Pali administrator will call the student's parents to inform them that they may need to pick up their child from camp.

Please be aware that while the Three Strike discipline system is a progressive system, there are instances that will merit an automatic 3rd Strike and removal from camp. Such instances include, but are not limited to fighting, sexual or verbal harassment, and hazing.

Communication & Visitation
Please be aware that your child will not have access to telephones or email during their stay. Parents are welcome to send a personal letter in the form of an email to mail@paliinstitute.com. Please include your child's name and school in the subject line; otherwise your email will not be delivered. Please do not send your child with a cell phone as they are not allowed, or expect that your child will be calling home during their stay at Pali Institute. For security reasons, visitations of any kind are not permitted while your child is at Pali. Pali Institute staff is fully equipped with communications equipment for emergency use, so if there is a need for us to get in touch with you, please be assured that we will do so. Outdoor school is a wonderful opportunity for a child to gain independence, and establish a sense of self-confidence.

Unnecessary Items
Cell phones, video games, computers, portable music devices and other electronics are distracting and detract from the learning environment. These items will be confiscated upon arrival and given to your student's attending teachers. We cannot guarantee any of these items safekeeping and will not replace them if lost.
Electronic book readers such as the Kindle or Nook will be allowed provided they do not have the capability to communicate with other devices or networks (i.e., wi-fi or 3G).
Please do not pack aerosol cans or any flammable items. Any food, candy and electronic devices will be collected upon arrival, as we do not allow these items in the cabins.
Each of our cabins features solid wood built-in bunks, radiant floor heating, full bathroom
and shower facilities, and an unlimited supply of pure mountain spring water.

Pali is very proud of our dining experience. In addition to creating tasty and nutritious dishes, our executive chef works hard to accommodate the dietary needs of all of our students by providing a large variety of delicious food choices. Our meals are designed to appeal to your child’s taste buds as well as meet your expectations for nutrition. Vegetarian options will be available, provided we are informed of your child’s preference on the health form ahead of time. Food allergies are taken very seriously at Pali. Although our chef does not cook with nut oils, we cannot guarantee that nuts have not been in the kitchen area. In severe cases, please ensure your child has an epi-pen and, if necessary, pack pre-made labeled meals with your child’s name that will be stored in a refrigerator separate from the main kitchen.

Sample Daily Schedule
7:00am Rise and Shine
8:00am Breakfast
9:00 – 10:30am Class Session A
10:45 – 12:15pm Class Session B
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Recreation & Camp Store
2:00 – 3:30pm Class Session C
3:45 – 5:15pm Class Session D
5:30pm Dinner
7:30 – 9:00pm Evening Activity
9:45pm Lights Out

Communication & Visitation
Please be aware that your child will not have access to telephones or email during their stay. Parents are welcome to send a personal letter in the form of a fax to our main office at 909-867-1964 with your child’s name and school information. Due to the stimulating instructional program, 24-hour supervision, and exciting evening programs homesickness seldom occurs. Please do not send your child with a cell phone or expect that your child will be calling home during their stay at Pali Institute. Parental visitations are not permitted while your child is at Pali. Outdoor School is a wonderful opportunity for a child to gain independence, and establish a sense of self-confidence.

If you would like to send mail to your child during their stay, there are two methods explained above and below. Please do not send food or candy because it attracts bugs and animals. Mail takes quite a few days to arrive at Pali, please send letters 5-7 days before you want your child to receive them. Mail that arrives after your child departs will be disposed of and will not be returned.

United States Postal Service Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, etc.
Pali Institute Pali Institute
School Name/Student Name School Name/Student Name
PO Box 2237 30778 Highway 18
Running Springs, CA 92382 Running Springs, CA 92382
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