Sample Animal Report



By Rose Budd




   When you see a cat, you’ll probably want to pick it up and cuddle with it but not with a Bobcat. Even though they look like a harmless house kitty, it is still wild. You are better off admiring this interesting animal from far away.



The bobcat can grow up to 3-4 feet long and up to a foot tall. The bobcat's fur can be one color or patterned with spots and at a young age it has dark facial markings. It looks much like a larger Tabby cat. They are also called lynx or baylynx.


Predator and Prey

It is interesting to know that bobcats are both predator and prey. It eats birds, rabbits some insects and even smaller deer. The bobcat is prey to mountain lion some hawks and some eagles. When a predator is after it, it takes shelter in thick woods. The bobcat can blend in with its surroundings.



The bobcat lives in Northern United States and Southern Canada but in California it is found in many places such as the coastal grasslands, the central valley plains and the mountains. In those areas of California it lives in the woods, thickets and prairies.


       The bobcat population is getting smaller because of buildings. As many people continue to move into areas where the bobcat lives, it has to find another place to live. It also has a hard time finding food. When this happens, the bobcat can starve and die.



       The Department of Fish and Game and other environmental groups help to protect the bobcat. Some of these groups who are trying to help sometimes tranquilize them and move them to other places so it can survive but that can cause other problems too. One solution is to teach people about bobcat problems so that they can help too.



            Bobcats are very interesting creatures. They remind people of cat that can live with you at home but they are wild. It is sad that the bobcat population is shrinking because of people building houses and businesses in the bobcat’s habitat or because hunters kill them. Hopefully this report will teach others about the bobcat so that they will understand more about its problems. Maybe they’ll want to help too.