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7th grade Syllabus

Integrated Language Arts
Mrs. Harmonson
Seventh Grade 2014-2015

Email: MrsHarmonson@aol.com

Curriculum - Standards Based utilizing the common core

Technology - We have chrome books in the classroom for daily use by the 
students. Each student will have their own google account that they can 
access from school on the chrome book and from home on any internet able 
device. Students are responsible for remembering their own password. Students 
will held responsible for any damage they do to the chrome book in the 

Textbooks (keep at home)
Holt Literature and Language Arts
Holt Handbook (Grammar)

Thematic Novel Units (one per quarter...subject to change)
The Watson's go to Birmingham by Christopher Curtis
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Non-fiction book TBD

Short Story Units
Science Fiction
Medieval Tales

Literature Devices

Writing (We use the Jane Shaffer writing method from WHS)
---there will be a focus on writing non-fiction essays-
Response to Literature
Persuasive Business Letters
Quick writes
Research Papers
On-line essay writing

Independent Reading and writing
25 AR points are to be completed each quarter
Each book will be accompanied by a short writing assignment.
See more details below.

Capitalization and punctuation
Subject verb agreement
Spelling and root words
Proofreading and Editing

Public Speaking
Oral Book report
News broadcast
Instructional Presentations

Essential Outcomes for the 7th grade
(What you can expect to learn and do this year!)
1. I Reading comprehension improved utilizing Accelerated Reader.
2. Demonstrating computer fluency to compete in a digital world.
3. Master the rules of capitalization and punctuation.
4. Master language usage of subject-verb agreement
5. Learn and master the figures of speech.
6. Master and apply the elements of literature through a short story with an
emphasis on point of view and theme.
7. Display reading comprehension through the use of a variety of
graphic organizers including Venn diagrams, sequence charts,
character webs, plot charts and mandalas.
8. Understand structural features of instructional materials.
9. Literary criticism.
10. Learn spelling skills with a particular emphasis on root words,
suffixes and prefixes.
11. Master public speaking skills through a multicultural unit.
12. Read, analyze and write non fiction pieces of work
13. Write a persuasive essay.
14. Question.

Classroom Expectations (based on practices of Love and Logic)
Be responsible and be accountable. The bottom line is you know how to behave
in a classroom. Your goal is to make individual progress in your learning.
need to do this without causing a problem for someone else. If you do cause a
problem, solve it! If you can't or won't solve the problem; I will make a
decision based on the situation to solve the problem myself.
We also will be following the school wide pillars of character.

If you are ill, please do not attend school. You will receive the
same number of days to complete an assignment as when you were absent. If
first day of absence is the day an assignment is due, then the assignment
be expected the first day you return to school. Absences during a long-term
assignment do not mean you will have an extended due date. Exchange phone
numbers or email addresses with some classmates whom you can contact if
necessary to find out about homework. Feel free to email me with any homework
requests. Also, look on the website for class information. TRY your best to
come back prepared.

Homework assignments are expected on the due date. Daily assignments will be
accepted late for 50% credit. Any assignment worth more than 50 points will
have 10% of the points deducted for each late day. Learning is essential.
Choosing not to do the work is not an option. Parents can easily view missing
assignments on parent portal.

Accelerated Reader
Accelerated reader is an independent reading program. You will read novels at
your reading level, as determined by a test given during the first week of
school. After completing the novel, you will write a character analysis and
then take a short computer-based comprehension test on the novel. Based on
your score on the test, you will receive points for the novel. Each student
will be expected to earn 25 AR points each quarter.

Before any novel is read you need to make sure it is on the AR list, get
parent approval and teacher approval. No student will be allowed to test for
novel that they did not get approval for first. The three novels we read
together as a class, along with some short stories, will be eligible for AR

The AR list is available on arbookfind.com

Each quarter you will be assigned a particular genre novel to read. You will
need to read one book from the assigned genre during that quarter. The rest
the AR points for that quarter can come from free choice books as long as
are in your reading range.
In addition to taking AR tests in the classroom, the library is available.
Please check the school website for current hours. Each AR book will be
accompanied by a writing component. This is to encourage critical thinking
about the book that was read in addition to comprehension.
1st level - reading log (students reading at or above grade level may opt out
of the 1st level)
2nd level - one chunk character analysis written in Jane Shaffer style.
3rd level - two chunk character analysis written in Jane Shaffer style.

Classroom Supplies
You are expected to be organized in the way that works best for you. You need
to have supplies to complete daily assignments. Some suggestions are:
Notebook with dividers (one big binder works well)
Lined notebook paper
Pen and pencils (NO CLICK PENS)
Shaffer writing pens - ONE RED, ONE BLUE, ONE GREEN
Index cards (one pack on hand at home is good)
Binder reminder (you will use this DAILY)
You will need computer access. Luckily if you do not have it at home, the
library here at SMS has a library with a computer lab. Please check the SMS
webpage for library hours.

Parent Contact (for the folks)
We are an alliance with a common goal is to educate your child's mind
I encourage close contact between us to reach our goal. There areseveral ways
to reach me:
1.Email - mrsharmonson@aol.com (this is the BEST way to reach me)
2.Notes - please, write a letter or jot down a note in you child's binder
3.Parent conferences are scheduled through the office through Mrs. Everts.
I try to respond as quickly as possible. Email is the most assured way to get
a quick response.

Parent Responsibilities
1. Create a schedule in your child's life that provides time for the
activities, including homework.
2. Ask to see the binder reminder and occasionally check their homework for
3. Book mark teacher's websites, sign up for the newsflash and make yourself
aware of teacher communication.
4. Use Renaissance home connect to sign up for the parent communication piece.
Check your child's reading activity, test taking, even get an email when
they take a taste. This changes the question from have you read today to I see
you haven't taken a test in two weeks. What's up?

Please review the syllabus information carefully. Everyone is welcome to
print out a copy for their notebook, but this is not required.
After reviewing the syllabus, please sign the note verifying the syllabus was

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