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7th grade Syllabus

Integrated Language Arts
Mrs. Harmonson
Seventh Grade 2015-2016

Email: MrsHarmonson@aol.com
Text message Mrs. Harmonson at 909-896-9863
Text messages must be after 7:00 am and before 9:00 pm. You must identify yourself first with your 
name and period. Weekends, no text messages before 12 noon....I need my hibernation. 

Curriculum - Standards Based utilizing the common core

Technology -Chrome books available daily in class. 
We use google classroom, Renaissance Place for AR and teacherweb and parent portal. 

Textbooks (keep them at home)
Holt Literature and Language Arts along with the grammar Handbook

Thematic Novel Units (one per quarter...subject to change)
The Watson's go to Birmingham by Christopher Curtis
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
A Long Walk to Water and/or Ryan White My Own Story

Short Story Units
Science Fiction
Medieval Tales

Literature Devices
Bio Poem

Writing (We use the Jane Shaffer writing method from WHS)
Response to Literature
Persuasive Business Letters
Research Papers

Independent Reading and writing
25 AR points are to be completed each quarter (30 for advanced students)
Each book will be accompanied by a short writing assignment.
Each quarter you will be assigned a particular genre novel to read for the first book. 
1st quarter - Newberry Award Winning book
2nd quarter - science fiction/fantasy
3rd quarter - biography or autobiography (mature content not advised)
4th quarter - middle ages/renaissance period historical fiction
All other books for each quarter are free choice within reading range.

Grammar/Mechanics (taught through grammar text book and in class lessons)
Capitalization and punctuation
Subject verb agreement
Spelling and root words
Proofreading and Editing

Public Speaking
Oral Book report
Informal/group style presentations
Debate during the MIPA competition. (Most Influential Person Award)

Essential Outcomes for the 7th grade
(What you can expect to learn and do this year!)
1. I Reading comprehension improved utilizing Accelerated Reader.
2. Demonstrating computer fluency to compete in a digital world.
3. Master the rules of capitalization and punctuation.
4. Master language usage of subject-verb agreement
5. Learn and master literary devices 
6. Master and apply the elements of literature through a short story with an
emphasis on point of view and theme.
7. Display reading comprehension through the use of a variety of
graphic organizers including Venn diagrams, sequence charts,
character webs, plot charts and mandalas.
8. Understand structural features of instructional materials.
9. Literary criticism.
10. Learn spelling skills with a particular emphasis on root words,
suffixes and prefixes.
11. Master public speaking skills through a multicultural unit.
12. Read, analyze and write non fiction pieces of work
13. Write a persuasive essay.
14. Question.

Classroom Expectations (based on practices of Love and Logic)
Be responsible and be accountable. The bottom line is you know how to behave
in a classroom. Your goal is to make individual progress in your learning.
You need to do this without causing a problem for someone else. If you do cause a
problem, solve it! If you can't or won't solve the problem; I will make a
decision based on the situation to solve the problem myself.

If you are sick stay home. Check website while you are absent to stay current. Email or text the 
teacher for assignments. Work is due upon your return unless special circumstances are presented in 

Homework assignments are expected on the due date. 
Late work is worth 50% credit
Day passes can be used to extend the deadline by one day, except for AR, speaking and tests. 

Accelerated Reader
Accelerated reader is an independent reading program. You will read novels at
your reading level, as determined by a test given during the first week of
school. After completing the novel, you will write a character analysis and
then take a short computer-based comprehension test on the novel. Based on
your score on the test, you will receive points for the novel. Each student
will be expected to earn 25 AR points each quarter. (Advanced students 30 points)

AR procedure
1. Choose a book from Mrs. Harmonson's classroom (if book isn't from class check with Mrs. H)
2. Get parent approval.
3. Read the book (a book every 2 weeks will keep you current)
4. Write the character analysis.
5. Trade character analysis for Mrs. Harmonson's approval
6. Take AR test and record your score

Advanced language arts will require two levels....character and theme analysis to graduate

If you do not have computer access at home, please speak with Mrs. Harmonson.
The school library is open at lunch and after school every day for computer access. 

Parent Contact (for the folks)
We are an alliance with a common goal is to educate your child's mind and soul.
I encourage close contact between us to reach our goal. There are several ways
to reach me:
1. Text message me at 909-896-9863 between 7am and 9pm (weekends after 12 noon). Please 
identify yourself first by your name, your child's name and class period if possible. 
2.Email - mrsharmonson@aol.com (this is the BEST way to reach me)
3.Notes - please, write a letter or jot down a note in you child's binder
3.Parent conferences are scheduled through the office through Ms. Coleman, 7th grade SSRA. 
I try to respond as quickly as possible. Text is the most assured way to get
a quick response. If you email me, feel free to send me a text that you sent an email. 

Parent Responsibilities
1. Your children need time for sleep, relaxation and homework. Do not overload their schedule. 
2. Stay aware of your child's due dates by checking teacher web. 
3. Contact Michelle Harmonson if you have a question or concern. 
4. Sign up for Renaissance Home Connect to see your child's AR progress including every time they 
take an AR quiz. 

Have you signed up for Newsflash yet?  It's a great source of information. 

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