Fall 2017


P.E. clothes will not be available at orientation. Students should bring 
their pink receipt to P.E. classes to receive their pre-paid orders on the 
first day of school. Students may also purchase P.E. items from Ms. Barker 
during P.E. class. 
The first "dress-out" day is expected to be Monday, August 28. 

Students are required to wear P.E. shirts and shorts everyday and have a 
combination lock (no key locks).  When the weather is bad, students may wear 
a solid black sweat jacket and pants over their P.E. uniform.  Any questions 
regarding P.E. Clothes or Locks and Lock Combinations should be directed to 
Ms. Barker at x291, or via email (click mailbox above). For more information 
click on the "P.E. Handouts" or "Supply List" tabs.

Sycamore P.E. Clothes
P.E. Shirt = $15.00
P.E. Shorts = $15.00
School Issued Lock = $5.00

PE Clothes Sack = $5.00

Sycamore Canyon P.E. Sweatpants and Hooded Jackets
Sweatpants = $15.00
Sweatjacket = $30.00
Purchased together only $40.00  (Save $5.00)