About the Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Katrina Hollins

SCHOOL: Sycamore Canyon School

CLASS: 5th Grade

SCHOOL PHONE and FAX: (805) 498-1573 x-227 (805) 498-0385


My parents raised me in the small agricultural town of Othello, Washington, 
which is located in the eastern portion of the state.   Yessiree, I was in 
the local FFA and 4H clubs from about 3rd grade through my senior year of 
high school. Along with my agriculture involvement, and being raised in a 
large family with only brothers, I was very active in sports.  From 
volleyball, basketball, and soccer to softball and track, they were all great 
fun for me!  My favorites were running and soccer. At the untimely death of 
my father (when I was 16), our mother continued to raise us on her own!  She 
taught me how to be strong and keep my high expectations.  
After my first 18 years growing up in the small agricultural town, I decided 
to give southern California a college try. Once I had completed my first year 
of college, I decided that I loved it here so much that I'd stay! The weather 
is wonderful down here...and where else can you go skiing one day, surfing 
the next, and hike in the desert after you've caught a few waves? After I 
graduated with my BS in International Business and BS in Fashion Marketing, I 
worked for about 7 years as an insurance underwriter. 

By that time I realized that I could no longer push insurance files. I needed 
to do something that I would enjoy and others would gain from my efforts. So 
I went back to school (California Lutheran University) and earned my multiple 
subject clear teaching credential.  Since teaching always involves continuous 
learning, I went back to school once again to earn my Master of Science in 
Education.  Will there be a doctorate in the the future...hmmm...at this 
time, no.

For the previous 14 years, I have taught at Sycamore.  Teaching children in 
4th through 7th grades, but I've mainly taught 5th grade. 

My husband Stuart and I enjoy working on 
our house projects together as well as SCUBA diving, mountain biking, hiking, 
traveling, and watching movies.  I also have two wonderful children, Nicole
who is a working girl after graduating from CLU with a BS in environmental 
science, and Max who is a senior at Moorpark High School, 
and 1 stepson Ryan (28 who lives in the valley).  I also enjoy working out, 
running, reading, watching movies, and updating my teaching 
strategies/ideas.  My favorite color is pink and I love animals.  We have 1 
cat(Roxy=9)and our German shepherd (Daisy=7).
I look forward to a great year facilitating your children through their 
academic quest in fifth grade.
Mrs. Hollins