Hello Everyone, 
  WOW, can you believe how quickly this year has gone by.  What is even more amazing is the growth the kids have made. I am so impressed with each and everyone!  This week is an exciting one.  Please take a look below to see what we have planned.

**REMEMBER, Open House is this Wed. morning from 7:45-8:45.  I hope you can all come and see what the kids experience each and every day.

** HOMEWORK: We have completed exploring the fact families and are now ready to look at addition with pictures.  A few math sheets will be sent home this week. Please return them on Friday.  Sight word tests will be done this Friday on the words from last week. We were out of class most of last Friday for Meet the Masters, so we did not have time for testing. With Open House on Wed., I won't have time to test on Monday or Tuesday. So, please keep practicing those words.  Book bags will continue to go home each day though. 

**Spring Break begins March 27th and goes until April 7th.  It is a long break, so please keep having the kids read their paper books each day and reviewing their past word lists. Many of the kids are beginning to read simple picture books, so over break,  I encourage you to take the kids to the library or book store and allow them to pick out a few new books that they would like to read over break. 

**Thank you everyone who sent in donations for our farm visit as well as classroom supplies. If you are able, we could still really use white card stock and gallon size Ziplock bags.

**Please remember to keep sending water with the kids.  It may be cold, but it is dry as well and water bottles are a lot less messy that the drinking fountains!!

** Please remember to use my school email and not this web-site email to contact me. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Young