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Register Now for the 2015-16 School Year!

Please Bring the Following With You to Register:

1. A Certified Birth Certificate
2. Immunization Record
3. Two Items From the Following List for Proof of Residency:
* Gas, Electric, Water, Disposal or Cable Bill
* Escrow Papers
* Homeowners/Renters Insurance Policy
* 2015 W-2 Form


We want to thank you for all you do to support our students and our school.

We hope you will find this website useful. Please use the tabs at the left to find important links that will keep you informed and help your student to be successful. Additionally, upcoming events are listed near the bottom of this homepage on the right.

Terra Vista's Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to assist each child to become self-fulfilled productive citizens by promoting high levels of academic and social achievements in a positive environment.”


Message from the Principal

Principal Photo
Greetings Timberwolf Families!

It’s been another great trimester here at Terra Vista! Our students have really adjusted to the new Common Core Standards. They have shown that they are truly “Leaders of the Pack.” On a daily basis students can be seen solving math problems in a variety of different ways. It is just amazing to see that our students now deeply understand math concepts rather just applying formulas. Everyday we watch as our students closely read complex text in such a way that they can cite evidence from their books to help explain their thinking. Their vocabulary skills have also grown tremendously. Our students regularly write sentences and paragraphs that show they understand and can apply their newfound knowledge. These kids are impressive! It is so exciting to see them heading in a direction that will lead toward successful, fulfilling careers.

As always we have also been busy with projects, programs and events that provide a balanced education for our children. The students enjoy all of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) opportunities they have in lab time, weekly experiment demonstrations and the science fair and exposition that our 5th grade students brought to us. In a series of assemblies, Mr. Heath has taught our students about art from around the world. This trimester our Timberwolves created Mexican Folk Art, Aboriginal Art Pieces and works inspired by the continent of Asia. Our student council sponsored mashed potato drive was a huge success and helped many families who have been devastated by the effects of cancer. Finally, the children showed the Terra Vista spirit as they feverishly trekked as many laps as they could during our PTA sponsored Timberwolf Trek!

Thank you to all of our students, families, teachers and staff for all you do to make this such an amazing community to be part of. We are all fortunate to spend our days with such an awesome group of people!

Mrs. Tavolazzi


State Testing for 3rd-5th Grade Students

Please mark your calendars and ensure that students come to school well rested after eating a healthy breakfast.

March 11th & 12th: Interim Assessments—These are practice assessments meant to acclimate our children to the “new test” and reassure students that they are well equipped for state testing. Results of these assessments will not be provided but they are very important for our students.

April 15th & 16th: State Science Test for all 5th Grade Students

April 20th-May 1st: State Testing (CAASP) in Math and English Language Arts for all 3rd-5th Grade students

Attendance Challenge March 2nd-May 1st!

Come and join in the fun for Perfect Attendance! We are challenging ALL students to have Perfect Attendance from March 2 – May 1.

What to do:

* Be at school on time, every school day, all day from March 2 and May 1.
* Must be in attendance every day for the entire day.
* Must be on time (No Late Arrivals of any length of time).
* No Late Pick-ups.
* No Early Pick-ups
* No exceptions can be made for students leaving from the health office or Dr. Appointments.

What You’ll Receive:

* Each student who meets the challenge will receive a ticket to a special Ice Cream Sundae event that will take place on May 8th at 1:00 p.m. (AM Kindergarteners are welcome to come back and join the fun as long as they’re accompanied by an adult.)

* At the event students will get an ice cream treat and will watch as Mrs. Tavolazzi and Mrs. Pollock are turned into human sundaes!

* All students who are invited to attend the event will receive a raffle ticket. We’ll draw tickets to see which 50 students get to pour toppings onto our human sundaes while all challenge winners watch! Only those who meet the challenge can watch so be sure to meet the challenge.


Attendance Reminder:
Each day your child is absent you must notify the school. Please call our 24 hour attendance line at 803-3010. All absences not cleared within 3 days will be considered unexcused.

Spirit Days

Remember Timberwolves every Friday is Spirit Day! Show your Timberwolf Spirit and wear Navy and Gray.


March Minimum Days

2nd, 9th, 16th & 30th

April Minimum Days

6th, 13th 20th & 27th

March 30th

Creative Crafters - @ 1:15

April Spirit Days

3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

April 1st


April 2nd

PE Day

April 6th

Band Field Trip - 8:30 am @ EIS
Creative Crafters - 1:15 PM

April 7th

Spring Chorus @7:30 am

April 8th

5th Grade Panoramic Picture

April 9th

PE Day

April 10th

Progress Reports Go Home

April 13th

PE Day
Creative Crafters - 1:15 PM

April 13th - 17th


April 14th

Band Tour Field Trip
Spring Chorus @ 7:30 AM

April 15th & 16th

5th Grade Science CST Testing

April 15th


April 16th

PE Day
Spring Chorus @ 6:00 PM

April 17th

B.O.B. Deadline

April 20th

Creative Crafters - 1:15 PM

April 21st

Band Concert @ EIS 6:00 PM

April 22nd

B.O.B. Lunch
Secretaries Day

April 23rd

1st Grade Performance @6:00 PM
PE Day

April 27th

Creative Crafters 1:15 PM

April 28th

2nd Grade Field Trip
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens (Claremont)

April 29th


April 30th

Open House @ 5:00 PM
PE Day

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